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Not So Classic

29 Apr

Sunday: The color of these pants is what grabbed my attention. I love the vibrant orange color! The fit is also perfect! High-waisted, slim cut with flared legs. I wanted to keep the look polished by wearing this white tie neck blouse that I purchased about 4yrs ago. Back in 2008, the Gap did a limited edition collection, called Design Editions, of the classic white shirt, done in different ways. This collection of white shirts were done by CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award recipients. The fund was established to identify emerging designers and provide financial support to encourage and enable them to pursue their design plans. Some of the designers that participated in this was Phillip Lim, Doo.Ri, Thakoon, Rodarte, Band of Outsiders and many more (Gap also did this in 2007). I actually bought 3 or 4 different versions of this classic white shirt. I am finally wearing this one, after 4 yrs. Don’t ask me why I haven’t worn it before, but I didn’t, no reason. I planned to wear a nude wedge, but when I tried it, I didn’t like it. Also didn’t want to wear a black shoe (too Halloween!). So as I perused my shoe collection (yeah, I’m a collector, that’s what I call my abundant amount of shoes!), I decided to give this leopard print sling back a try. I actually liked how they looked against the orange! Animal prints are neutrals and can go with anything! How do you wear animal prints, if you do? Do you use them as a neutral? Well, the end of another weekend. The weekend just goes too fast! Anyway, enjoy the upcoming week! God Bless!

Shirt: 3.1 Phillip Lim (GAP-old)

Pants: Romeo& Juliet Couture (BCF)

Shoes: N by Nicole Miller (JCP)

Bangles: Mng by Mango (JCP)

Minty Fresh

29 Apr

Saturday: This is what I wore to the bridal shower in the last post. It wasn’t very warm out but it wasn’t cold either, so I decided to wear these faux leather shorts with some fishnets. The shorts I picked up off the clearance rack, they were 90% off! They’re from the Lauren Conrad collection for Kohl’s. Normally I wouldn’t have purchased them if they weren’t marked down like this. I love the collection but I just think the prices are a bit too steep. That goes for all the celebrity collections at Kohl’s. I just feel that I can get better quality pieces, by other designers for those prices. Not to say that the pieces aren’t of good quality, they are actually o.k. but for a shopper as myself, I can find higher end designer pieces for better prices. Not that I only buy designer, but they usually have better quality than brand names and if I want to spend money on something, I rather it be pieces that will last. I buy brand names and other pieces but I won’t spend too much for them. You gotta know when to splurge and when to save! Anyway, I wore this sheer, slouchy button down to balance out the “sexiness”  of the shorts, fishnets and maryjane pumps. As you know, I never try to go for the “sexy” look, I just liked the look of a nude stocking and shoe with neutral colored shorts. The mint green blouse just pops off all the neutrals of the rest of the outfit. What do you think? Do you like the nude thing? (I mean in apparel, silly!). Hope you had a good weekend! Be Blessed!

Blazer: Rag&Bone (old)

Blouse: East 5th (JCP)

Shorts: Lauren Conrad (Kohl’s)

Shoes: Aldo

Fishnets: JCP

Clutch: Random (old)

Necklace: JCP

Jewelry: Vince Camuto; Random; Thrifted; Fossil

Nails: “Binge” (UO)

Bridal Shower

29 Apr

Saturday: My friend’s bridal shower, yay! I am so happy for them (Tosha and Will). They are the parents of my baby girls, my beautiful God-daughters, Jhade and Juell. The wedding party did a great job on the whole event from the decorations to the menu. It was an Asian theme with decor and the food. The chef prepared stir-fry for each individual as you approached. Everything was very good! Oh yeah, the cake was delicious too, you know I can’t forget about my favorite thing! She received lots of gifts from money to the sexy lingerie with the stilettos and fishnets to complete the ensemble (and it was stressed that the stilettos were only for the bedroom!). We had a great time and it was nice seeing people that I haven’t seen in a long time!  Can’t wait until “The Royal Wedding”, that’s what I call it.

My Boyfriends Are Back

27 Apr

Friday: Today was a chilly Spring day so I chose to get some wear out of this sweater I bought a while back when I bought this one. I like the color combination, a little brightness paired with a neutral. I decided to layer it with this chambray button down, which goes with everything! If you don’t already own one, a denim button down is a must-have. It literally goes with everything! You can use it to dress an outfit up or to dress an outfit down. Somehow this piece goes with it all, it’s so versatile! Try it, you’ll like it! The pants were chosen because I like the contrast it gives with the colors of the sweater. I like the fit of the pants. You know how I like a slouchy, loose fitting pant! These are actually pair of men’s pants that I picked up for Javar but they were too small for him (don’t ask me why I thought he could fit them; they are his usual size but I guess b/c they are skinny cut, he would need a bigger size). I liked them so much that I gave them a try for myself and decided to keep em’. I guess you can say they are boyfriend khakis(that is how boyfriend jeans were 1st born, borrowing your man’s jeans/pants). Do you own boyfriend jeans or borrow your man’s jeans (or your son’s)? Enjoy your weekend! God Bless!

P.S.: It’s 1st State Style’s one year anniversary! It’s been a fun year blogging my outfits and fashion tips/advice! I love the outlet that it has given me to express my other passion, fashion! I’m looking forward to another year blogging along with the other things I have coming up, such as 1st State Style Image Consulting. Thanks to all my readers who have been there from the beginning and the new ones who have recently found me!

Sweater: Old Navy

Chambray Button Down: A.N.A. (JCP)

Khakis: Docker’s (Marshall’s)

Belt: Talbot’s

Shoes: Steve Madden (old)

Necklace:??? (old)

DE Black Expo 2012

23 Apr


Saturday: Some shots of some of the vendors and attendees of the DEBE. As you can see, the place was filled with a little bit of everything and everybody, from the diva in training w/ her mommy diva, to pageant winners, candidates running for mayor of Wilmington (incl. the well-known Pastor D and potentially the 1st female mayor of Wilmington), to singing sensation Francesca (shout out to Word of Faith), very talented dancers, T. Warren (I was loving his sophisticated man ensemble of the paisley vest, pink shirt and paisley tie; the photos don’t do any justice; colors are washed out, sorry!), my beautiful natural hair sisters, incl. the expectant mother with the maxi dress, afro and loved her wooden “100% natural” earrings, the young man in his laid back, preppy-ish look of shirt/sweater, cuffed jeans and boat shoes (now that’s how a young man should dress!) and all the talented business people/vendors who had some awesome items, so many talented individuals using their God-given gifts!


22 Apr

Saturday: I was invited to sit @ an exhibit table @ the Delaware Black Expo, and discuss/hand out info. about my blog and my soon to be image consulting business. I have been taking some classes on becoming an entreprenuer @ my church. These classes are being taught by two members of our church who are already business owners and who are helping us to achieve our Kingdom Visions as business owners. Valerie is who invited me (or anyone else from our classes who was interested) to sit at her table. Valerie Brown-Baul is the founder/president of I AM…Consulting Group; I Am…CONNECTIONS (specializing in marketing/branding of businesses). She and Diane have been such a blessing and so wonderful in educating us on  the process of becoming a business owner. I have learned sooo much and am that much more ready to start my business. Thanks for allowing me to network from your table and for all you have done to Advance Kingdom Visions! Check out her websites to learn how she can help you promote your business, showcase your talent and much more!!!! The outfit: I love the skirt because of the bright, vibrant color and also because of the high/low hemline. It’s sheer, as you can see, but they added a lining underneath to prevent any peek-a-boo’s. Since the fabric could be a little dressy, I wore a plain white tee to make it more casual and daytime. Also, the chunky shoes downplay the dressiness of the skirt and toughens it up a little, along with the curly faux hawk. Speaking of hair, I’m still transitioning to my God-given natural state. I am starting to really like it more and more. I got my natural thickness back, that is lost when you get it relaxed. It is just more versatile being natural than relaxed. That’s the best part for me considering I like to change things up with my hair. This is day 6 with these same curls and besides a few straight pieces, I think the curls have held up pretty well! I actually like them more as they get older! Anyway, that’s how things are going with my natural journey. Pictures from the Expo to come next post, some come back by! Thanks for reading and God Bless!

Tee: Random (Marshall’s)

Skirt: Gossip Girl by Romeo&Juliet Couture (BCF)-also avail. in cobalt blue

Shoes: M.Kors (old)

Necklace: Jessica Simpson (Gifted)

Lucite Cuff: Tory Burch (old, but others avail. here)

Nails: “Nirvana” Sinful Colors;” Plan B” Urban Outfitters; “Skulls & Glossbones” OPI

She’s a Maniac!

22 Apr

Friday: Today was a warm day, but I was out early enough to still wear this sweater and not be too hot. It’s not a heavy knit anyway but could get a little hot if it heated up enough outside. The hot pink is on trend right now along with all of the other neon (or fluorescent, like we called it back in the 80s) colors like green, yellow, blue and orange. This sweater’s shape also reminded me of the 80s, a la Flash Dance, a little. I wore it with these loose fitting silky pants. The pants kinda remind me of sweatpants but with a dressier material, but the same comfort factor (excuse the unrolled left leg, I didn’t realize it and my photographer didn’t tell me; he never tells me when things are out of place, no matter how many times I tell him! oh, well, at least he takes them and I don’t have to use a tripod/remote like other bloggers do; it’s so much easier not to take photos by yourself; I’m blessed to have him! Thanks Baby!). The shoes I chose because I like the two-tone of the black and tan and how they pop with the outfit and not just an ordinary black shoe that I could’ve worn. These just make things more interesting, don’t you think? Have a Blessed Day!

Sweater: Random (BCF)

Bodysuit (worn under sweater): Random (Macy’s-very old)

Pants: Old Navy

Shoes: SE Boutique by Sam Edelman (DSW)

Menswear-Slim Khakis

22 Apr

See, this is what I mean about taking photos indoors! The lighting stinks! On top of me not using the flash, oops! But anyway, here’s what Javar wore today. A pair of light olive colored slim fit tapered khakis by Dockers. Paired

Track Star

22 Apr

Sunday: I wore this outfit to church today. Yes, I did! I know your probably wondering what kind of church I go to? Well, I go to a spirit- filled, spirit-lead, word-based church that on the 4th Sunday we have dress down so you can wear jeans, sweats or whatever (within reason, but that judgement call is left up to you!). So I decided to go with the softer version of the running tights that I used to wear when I ran track in high school. The athletic trend was seen on the runways for this Spring/Summer so I chose to participate (also part of color blocking trend). I like these leggings, everything from the colors to the fit, to the fabric. They are so soft and comfy! I like how the orange is strategically placed about the pants, from the band on the bottom of one leg, to the stripe going down the other leg, to the stripe going across the butt area, which you can see a hint of through my shirt. I dressed them up a little by wearing the white tunic length button down. The shoes keep it a little athletic looking with the lacing but a little dressier because it’s a heel. Also, the blazer just dresses it up a little more and makes it look complete.  I also bought the pants in the blue/black combo too, you’ll see them in a post sometime this Spring! P.S.- I dislike taking photos indoors, they just don’t have that same something as they do when I’m outside! Thanks rain! I know we need it but it just throws a monkey wrench in a bloggers photo game! Stay dry East Coasters and have a Blessed Week!

Tunic: Allen B (JCP-old)

Tank (under tunic): JCP

Leggings: MeMoi (BCF)

Blazer: Thorn (Marshall’s-old)

Shoes: F21 (old)

Lucite Cuff: Tory Burch

Gold Choker: Gifted by my mom

Floral All Over

18 Apr

Sunday: So I told you how I’m loving printed pants! Florals are a big trend right now, but this suit’s print is different then what I am seeing because usually the flowers have been much bigger, but the size of this print is much smaller. I believe they call it libertine. Alot of other bloggers have been seen in the floral pants H&M has out, which are super cute but I just didn’t want to be another blogger in those pants. Also, Zara has some cute floral pants too. So when I found this lil number @ Forever21 I knew I had to have it! I love the matching blazer. It gives the look more sophistication. The fit of the pants are great too! A little more fitted than usual, for me, but I like the cut of them and the length because they remind me of the fit they wore in the 50’s and 60’s. I added the classic, simple, black pointed toe pump to keep it classy. I love that I found a pump that stays put when I walk and doesn’t flip of my narrow heels like all others do! What trends are you loving? Have a Blessed Week!

Jacket/Pants: F21

Tank: JCP

Pumps: Worthington (JCP)

Clutch (Tablet Case): Old Navy