Let’s Bowl

2 Apr

Saturday: Spent the day celebrating my mom’s 60th day (AGAIN!) @ the bowling alley. Well, her party was 2 wks ago, but today was her official b-day (March 31st). We all got together and bowled, laughed and had alot fun. We celebrated with the traditional bowling alley food and had cupcakes. I was the winner of the group that I played with. That should tell you something about our skill level, none of us was very good. I did get a few strikes though! My cousin and my sister seemed to think that I belonged to some secret bowling league or something because I played so well! LOL! I know I can sometimes have some “not so normal” hobbies, sometimes (compared to my other friends and family), but I am not the bowling league type. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just not me. It’s just that sometimes myself, my husband and the kids will bowl as a family night out thing. And of course, you know the men always think they are the best. My brother-in-law scolded the little ones for not using “bowling etiquette”(LOL, he is wayyy too serious!). Anyway, we had a blast and I am looking forward to our next family gathering! I love my family and our closeness. Family just means so much and it’s always good to spend quality fun time together. Do you and your family get together for fun outings? If not, maybe you should put something informal together and start a new tradition!


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