Purple Rain

2 Apr

Saturday: Had to quickly get these shots in before the rain started up again. It was just a damp, chilly day and I decided to dress down and wear some sneaks, which I very seldomly do. I only own a few pairs of sneakers, besides the ones I wear for work, and they don’t get very much play time. I just think a female looks more put together when she doesn’t wear sneaks, especially the athletic ones. Don’t get me wrong, there are so many stylish sneakers out there that can make an outfit feel and look more relaxed but still stylish and put together.  I don’t think a woman has to resort to big, bulky athletic sneakers to be comfortable. Ok, so if you are actually running in them or have been/are going to workout, that’s all good, but other than that, buy a cute, trendy, stylish pair and they will give you that same feeling without making you look like you don’t care what you look like. Anyway, the outfit is something I just threw together go spend the day with my mom and some other family members (today was officially her 60th b-day; her party was here 2 wks ago). I love the color of these pants! Purple is my favorite color, even though I usually don’t buy it too much. These are the same pants I wore in two other colors here and here. The top is actually a sweatshirt which goes along with the comfy theme of today. I was drawn to the low scooped back. A very casual day! How was your Saturday?

Shirt: Kenar (Marshall’s)

Pants: Mossimo Supply Co. (Target)

Sneaks: Converse (BCF)

Hat: ? (Don’t remember)

Jewelry: Random; Tory Burch; Vince Camuto; Fossil; Shamballa

Watch: Kenneth Cole (old)

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