South Street Sitings

16 Apr

Saturday: Just some random photos taking on South Street in Philly. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a long street lined with all kinds of stores and restaurants. Mostly people from out of town frequent there because it is not “hangout” for the locals. As the weather gets warm, you will see all kinds of people out there. It’s a good place to go for people watching because you never know what you might see (as you can tell from the photos). It was kind of difficult to take photos cause I didn’t want people to feel some type of way because I was taking their picture. But they are in public, and it is a free country, so these are some of the photos that I took (from the car). I mostly look at people for fashion and style. I some good and some bad! I mean, not judging what you wear, but some things people should know better. What do you think? I always wonder why the people that they are with let them come out like that! They don’t love/care about you if they don’t tell you. And #2, they must think it’s ok if they want to be seen with you. Not saying everyone has to be super stylish, I’m just saying, some things are just plain ole inappropriate! And this is only the beginning, Summer isn’t even here yet!

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