22 Apr

Saturday: I was invited to sit @ an exhibit table @ the Delaware Black Expo, and discuss/hand out info. about my blog and my soon to be image consulting business. I have been taking some classes on becoming an entreprenuer @ my church. These classes are being taught by two members of our church who are already business owners and who are helping us to achieve our Kingdom Visions as business owners. Valerie is who invited me (or anyone else from our classes who was interested) to sit at her table. Valerie Brown-Baul is the founder/president of I AM…Consulting Group; I Am…CONNECTIONS (specializing in marketing/branding of businesses). She and Diane have been such a blessing and so wonderful in educating us on  the process of becoming a business owner. I have learned sooo much and am that much more ready to start my business. Thanks for allowing me to network from your table and for all you have done to Advance Kingdom Visions! Check out her websites to learn how she can help you promote your business, showcase your talent and much more!!!! The outfit: I love the skirt because of the bright, vibrant color and also because of the high/low hemline. It’s sheer, as you can see, but they added a lining underneath to prevent any peek-a-boo’s. Since the fabric could be a little dressy, I wore a plain white tee to make it more casual and daytime. Also, the chunky shoes downplay the dressiness of the skirt and toughens it up a little, along with the curly faux hawk. Speaking of hair, I’m still transitioning to my God-given natural state. I am starting to really like it more and more. I got my natural thickness back, that is lost when you get it relaxed. It is just more versatile being natural than relaxed. That’s the best part for me considering I like to change things up with my hair. This is day 6 with these same curls and besides a few straight pieces, I think the curls have held up pretty well! I actually like them more as they get older! Anyway, that’s how things are going with my natural journey. Pictures from the Expo to come next post, some come back by! Thanks for reading and God Bless!

Tee: Random (Marshall’s)

Skirt: Gossip Girl by Romeo&Juliet Couture (BCF)-also avail. in cobalt blue

Shoes: M.Kors (old)

Necklace: Jessica Simpson (Gifted)

Lucite Cuff: Tory Burch (old, but others avail. here)

Nails: “Nirvana” Sinful Colors;” Plan B” Urban Outfitters; “Skulls & Glossbones” OPI

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