She’s a Maniac!

22 Apr

Friday: Today was a warm day, but I was out early enough to still wear this sweater and not be too hot. It’s not a heavy knit anyway but could get a little hot if it heated up enough outside. The hot pink is on trend right now along with all of the other neon (or fluorescent, like we called it back in the 80s) colors like green, yellow, blue and orange. This sweater’s shape also reminded me of the 80s, a la Flash Dance, a little. I wore it with these loose fitting silky pants. The pants kinda remind me of sweatpants but with a dressier material, but the same comfort factor (excuse the unrolled left leg, I didn’t realize it and my photographer didn’t tell me; he never tells me when things are out of place, no matter how many times I tell him! oh, well, at least he takes them and I don’t have to use a tripod/remote like other bloggers do; it’s so much easier not to take photos by yourself; I’m blessed to have him! Thanks Baby!). The shoes I chose because I like the two-tone of the black and tan and how they pop with the outfit and not just an ordinary black shoe that I could’ve worn. These just make things more interesting, don’t you think? Have a Blessed Day!

Sweater: Random (BCF)

Bodysuit (worn under sweater): Random (Macy’s-very old)

Pants: Old Navy

Shoes: SE Boutique by Sam Edelman (DSW)

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