DE Black Expo 2012

23 Apr


Saturday: Some shots of some of the vendors and attendees of the DEBE. As you can see, the place was filled with a little bit of everything and everybody, from the diva in training w/ her mommy diva, to pageant winners, candidates running for mayor of Wilmington (incl. the well-known Pastor D and potentially the 1st female mayor of Wilmington), to singing sensation Francesca (shout out to Word of Faith), very talented dancers, T. Warren (I was loving his sophisticated man ensemble of the paisley vest, pink shirt and paisley tie; the photos don’t do any justice; colors are washed out, sorry!), my beautiful natural hair sisters, incl. the expectant mother with the maxi dress, afro and loved her wooden “100% natural” earrings, the young man in his laid back, preppy-ish look of shirt/sweater, cuffed jeans and boat shoes (now that’s how a young man should dress!) and all the talented business people/vendors who had some awesome items, so many talented individuals using their God-given gifts!


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