Pinstripes and Piping

5 May

Friday: I wore this to a continuing education class/annual celebration thrown by one of the orthodontic offices that we refer to. The weather was supposed to get really warm by the afternoon, like 80 degrees, but you couldn’t tell by the way the morning looked. So even though it was going to be very warm that day, I still decided to dress for the temperature that the conference hall would be (cold!). They keep it cold at those classes/seminars because they don’t want us to fall asleep. But anyways, both of these pieces are pretty lightweight anyway. I threw on a black blazer for extra warmth, just in case. I love this shirt! It’s that pajama trend that many designers are doing or have done recently. And you already know how I love anything that has to do with pj’s! I love the color combination of the sour apple green with the grape piping (that’s my description of the colors). Very unexpected color combo that works. I wore it with these charcoal grey pinstripe wide leg trousers that I bought last Summer in NYC. The pants are a neutral so I figured I’d make them more interesting by wearing a bright top. Oh yeah, the top is one of my finds from the charity event I attended in the Fall. It was one of the pieces that were brand new w/tags that was donated by a department store or something. As you can see, the pants are very long (which I love), so I wore a high bootie so they wouldn’t drag the ground. They were hanging very close to the ground but when I walked I made sure they didn’t touch. I hate to see a female in some beautiful wide leg pants but they are too long and drag across the dirty ground. I wish they had pants to match this shirt cause I would rock that complete ensemble together! Maybe they do, I’ll have to check around online. So don’t be surprised if you see me in a complete, head to toe, green/grape pajama outfit! One other thing, as you can tell I had to take these pics by myself using my tripod and my new remote. I hate it! Ok, I digress! P.S.- Excuse the puffy eyes, it’s early a.m. and plus my newly diagnosed allergies have been kicking my butt all week and has not let up! Have a great weekend! God Bless!

Top: Z Spoke by Zac Posen (CCCS)

Trousers: Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti (Century 21)

Necklace: Vintage

Jewelry: Random; Vince Camuto; Fossil; Thrifted


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