Prom Night

12 May

Friday: My cousin’s daughter, Tia, had a “Promonade” @ her school. It’s just a presentation of all the prom goers to their parents, family and friends. A great idea cause it gives you a chance to see everyone, which is impossible in most other cases. So if you cared to see all the prom fashion, which I did, then you bought a ticket to attend. These pics are just some of my favorites that were there. I still don’t know how to work my camera well so not all the pictures came out too well. Also, I didn’t stand to get the shoes in the shot cause I was not about to stand the whole time or keep popping up and down every time someone came out. There were plenty more kids that I took pics of but not posting all of them! My lil cousin looks sooo pretty, doesn’t she? I can’t believe she is graduating from high school! I remember when her and her brother (her twin), were babies and I babysat them while their mom worked. OMG! Trying to feed 2 hungry babies @ once by myself!! It was a challenge, but I did it! Now they are graduating! My how time flies! I guess I’ll be saying the same thing when my last one graduates in 5 yrs (that sounds so far off but it will be here in no time!). Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the post! Have a Blessed day!


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