Flat Out

28 May

Monday: I just felt like I wanted to be extremely comfy today. It was going to be hot and I didn’t want to wear anything too fussy, especially since I knew I would be sitting in the yard part of the day. I chose this skirt and a simple tank with some flat sandals. Nothing much to explain, a very simple look. This outfit gave me the tree hugger/granola girl vibe. Very basic, no bells and whistles. Just laid back cool. I added the wood beads to go along with the natural vibe. And of course a pair of hoops. I think I actually might step outside of my box and rock flat sandals alot more this summer. I have quite a few pair of different flat sandals that I’ve collected over the years but don’t wear often enough. I also picked up the white ones like these I’m wearing. It’s a different look for me but I like it, so be prepared to see me in more flat sandals this Summer. God  Bless and have a great week!

Tank: Arizona (JCP-old)

Skirt/Belt: Vintage

Sandals: Montego Bay Club (Payless)

Sunglasses: Tory Burch

Jewelry: Random; Fossil; Shamballa


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