Pink Petals

3 Jun

Saturday: I already told you how I’m loving some printed pants. Well, this is another pair that I thrifted some time last year. A lot of the printed pants that I’ve thrifted are probably from years ago but are so on trend right now. Most of them are from Talbots so you know that were intended for a specific customer (those of the more mature type or preppy-ish), but the more fashion courageous have taken them over and added their only twist. So if feel so inclined to dabble in the printed pants trend, do not let the old ladyishness deter you, it’s all in how you style them! Hope you enjoy your weekend! Thanks for reading!! God Bless!

Shirt: A.N.A (JCP)

Pants: Talbot’s? (Thrifted)

Boots: H&M

Jewelry: Random; Shamballa; J.Crew; Fossil; Thrifted

Necklace: JCP

Sunglasses: Jessica Simpson (BCF)


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