Team Lipstick

24 Jun

Saturday: As seen in the previous post with Chelle, this is what I wore to the grad party. I picked this short suit up  a few months back and never had the opportunity to wear it until now. The thing about it that makes it a challenge to wear is the fact that it is shorts but then it has a jacket. So you really can’t  be comfortable wearing the shorts when it’s chilly enough to wear the jacket, but then when it’s comfortable, weather-wise, to wear the shorts, it’s a little too warm to wear the jacket. But today’s occasion presented itself to be perfect to wear the combo. Even though it was quite warm outside today, the party wasn’t until late evening and it was going to be held indoors, which meant air conditioning, PERFECT! What I love about this outfit is the classic tweed, which is a Chanel-inspired suit look. Always a classic! But the cut of the jacket and shorts, instead of a skirt, makes it more modern. The shoes just give it more edge. The silver cap toe and heel with the clear plastic. I know, they sound uncomfortable, but surprisingly they are actually very comfy! Other than my feet sweating after a period of line dancing, my feet held up very well in these! Oh yeah, trying out another new shade of lipstick from the collection of colors I picked up a while a go (already wore the “Fuchsia” and “Apricot” seen here; also wore “Coral Pink”; and not yet tried “Azalea Pink”). This one is “Beach Fuchsia”. I’m liking these shades of pink. They are different from what I’ve been wearing in my adult life (I used to wear pinks in my younger years). I’ve been stuck in a brown family rut for years (with the occasional red sometimes)but this is definitely a good change for me. Also, very much worth the money and more! Found them at my local hair supply store, very inexpensive, so I had no hesitation about buying them and trying them out. If I didn’t like them, so what, not alot of money lost. But since I love them, jackpot! So are you a lipstick person? I have always been, since I was 12 yrs old. I just think it brings color to your face even if you don’t wear any other color makeup wise. It makes me feel more put together. But if it’s not for you, so be it, do what makes you feel good, whether it’s lipstick, gloss or just plain old Chapstick! Where do you stand on the lip thing? Are you team lipstick, team lip gloss or team bare lip? God Bless!

Jacket/Shorts: H&M (now on sale)

Shoes: Random (BCF)- also come in neon pink and neon yellow

Sunglasses: J. Simpson

Necklace: ? (BCF)

Jewelry: Random; J.Crew; Fossil; JCP


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