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Pretty Pastels

29 Jul

Sunday Evening: I wore this to a friend’s makeup launch party, Nadege Cosmetics (checkout the Facebook Page). I’m not going to write much more because as I was finishing up writing this post, I accidentally hit the backspace as the text was highlighted, and you can guess what happened next. Yes, everything was deleted! So since I’m sleepy and it’s already late, I’m not going to go into details about this look. Sorry, I do have a day job! Anyway, hope you had a good weekend. Thanks for reading. God Bless!

Dress: F21

Shoes: M.Kors (Marshall’s-old)

Jewelry: Random; J.Crew; Thrifted; Shamballa

Earrings: T.Burch

Watch: M.Kors


White Hot

29 Jul

Sunday: I’ve been wanting to wear this peplum top that I bought like months ago when I also purchased these pants.  I wanted to wear it as part of an all white ensemble so I chose these white jeans. I love the look of all white but am always a little nervous to wear it. I no longer have any small children that run their little grubby hands all over my pristine white, but any little smudge on white just ruins the look. But since I was going to church and there would be no chance of accidental dirt/food accidents, I was cool! Anywho, because the top flares at the bottom, I wore it with a more fitted pant. Some may choose to wear a peplum with a flared skirt or looser fitting bottoms but my taste leans more towards a more fitted silhouette on the bottom. I just like how the flare of the top complements a more streamlined bottom such as a pencil skirt or these skinny jeans. But it’s whatever you like. Have fun and express yourself however you want. That’s why it’s called “personal style”. Anyways, I didn’t want to do white shoes too. I wanted the outfit to be more interesting than just all white, so I added these gray shoes. Even though they are a neutral and not a real “color”, they still pop with everything else being white. It just makes for a clean look. A little color in the accessories was all that was needed. Do you ever wear all white? Or are you nervous to white? God Bless!

P.S.: I decided to do the throwback braids thing. Getting board with my hair and needed a change. Plus a lot naturalistas say braids are good way to go while transitioning from relaxed hair. Now let’s see how long I will keep them!

Top: NY&Co

Jeans: Celebrity Pink (Ross)

Shoes: Calvin Klein (Ross)

Jewelry: Random; J.Crew; Shamballa

Just Peachy

24 Jul

Sunday: Wore this to church.  It was dress down day which was perfect because I had to go celebrate my nephew’s b-day with the fam (Happy 23rd bday to my eldest nephew!). I didn’t need to pack extra clothes to change into after church, as I would usually have to do. I was inspired by so many wearing camo at the festival and decided to pull mine out. I purchased these probably about 6 yrs ago (worn only once), when I also bought the tan ones seen here. I picked them up from the young men’s department because I liked how they are more roomy and slouchy then a woman’s pair would be. To make it more feminine and wore this peach cropped sheer top I picked up several months ago. The shoes I had since last year and this is my second time wearing them. No reason for the lack of wear because I really do like ’em. They’re Jessica Simpson, which I am quite fond of most of her shoes. I can always find a pair from her that I love and they are priced right and actually pretty comfy! The turband I actually bought to wear with something else but goes with the shirt perfectly! What do you think of this look? God Bless!

Blouse: Joyce Leslie

Shorts: Union Bay (Kohl’s-very old)

Shoes: Jessica Simpson (Marshall’s???-old)

Necklace-Earring Set/Turband: BCF

Bracelets: Random; Fossil; Loehmann’s; J.Crew

Watch: M.Kors

Down By the Riverside

24 Jul

Saturday: Some shots from The Global Fusion Festival @ Penns Landing. I love going to events like this! For me, it’s all about the people watching, checking out the various fashion choices and styles that people rock. I love it when some people are just so confident and comfortable with who they are that they wear whatever they want; no matter if it’s different than what everyone else is wearing or whatever. When people are not afraid of fashion and they just do whatever they want and whatever they feel at that time! So we saw so many fashion risk- takers but a few of our favorites were the twosome who looked as if they stepped straight out of the 80’s (flat top fade; shag hair cut and all) and my favorite was kid in the green pants with the color shirt and red slip-on shoes. I loved his look! And he strutted his stuff around like nobody’s business! So confident! Love it! Even though Michelle called him Mr. Brown Jr., LOL! Oh yeah, the concert performers were Elle Varner, Kenny Latimore and Brandy. Very nice but couldn’t see a thing because we weren’t there all day like the ones who had front and center views. But that’s ok, the music was great! And no guilty, suspiciously sneaking around people confronted me about randomly taking pics like last year. Today was a good day (in the words of Ice Cube)!  Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!


Two in a Day

24 Jul

Friday: I wore this laid back rocker style outfit to run around doing errands. It was warm enough for the shorts (my legs don’t really get cold), but also cool enough to wear this blazer and rock my motorcycle boots. I love this “vintage” Jimi Hendrix tee. It’s so soft and worn out just like it was from many years ago but I’ve only had it for about 6-8 yrs ago instead of 25 years ago. Later that evening, I had an event to go to so I changed into this striped pencil skirt ensemble. I bought this navy/white skirt as well as a red/white one. I love the fit and it was very comfy. Other than the fact that I could barely go upstairs without a hop, it was all good! I decided to add a bit of color instead of keeping everything navy/white so I thought the yellow would pop nicely. Then I remembered I had purchased these shoes a while ago but hadn’t worn them so they added a little more interest to the whole look. So there you have it! God Bless!

Outfit #1:

Shorts: Hollister (old)

Tee: ??? (very old)

Belt: M.Kors (old)

Boots: Dolce Vita (UO)

Blazer: Oxford??-can’t remember right now (JCP-old)

Outfit #2:

Button Down Shirt: Old Navy (old)

Pencil Skirt: Poof! (Boscov’s)

Shoes: Worthington (JCP)


Fruit Salad

18 Jul

Sunday: So I’m just now posting these pics from this past weekend. I was trying to decide if I wanted to upgrade space or just start continue erasing pics from my old post (and then just got too lazy to upload pics; posting during the week is not my thing! Too tired from work!). Well, for now I decided to just erase pics from my old posts. I figured I would just delete a few from each post from last year. I don’t think it really matters but I don’t believe anyone will even go back that far to read those posts. If people do like I do when reading blogs, they will just look at the most recent posts, maybe only a few months back. So for now, that’s what I’m gonna do! Anyways, this is what I wore to church. I picked this dress up last year while thrifting. I was attracted to the bright colors and liked it even more when I tried it on. I chose to pull the green from the dress to play off with the shoes. It’s hard to see the green color in the dress but it’s there (not exactly the same green but works for me). Not as prominent as the other colors but I like the shoes with it anyway. Speaking of the shoes, I bought these several years ago, probably at least 4 yrs ago from the now defunct “Footprints Shoe Store”. I told you about that store a few posts back. Michelle and I both bought these shoes, but Michelle also got them in yellow. The yellow would of really popped with this dress! Sorry so late with the post, but thanks for reading! God Bless!

P.S.- I was told this dress reminded someone of “The Wiggles” song Fruit Salad, Fruit Salad (I’m not familiar; my youngest was more of a Sesame Street, Elmo, PBS channel kid-lol)

Dress: Vintage Liz Claiborne

Belt: Random (very old)

Shoes: Random (Footprints)-very old

Jewelry: Random; Fossil; J.Crew; Shamballa; Thrifted

Comfy in Cons

18 Jul

Friday: Wore this even though it was gonna be hot outside, I had to be in a very cold building for a few so I wanted to be warm and comfy! I bought this shirt about a year or so ago. I liked the navy and black combo. Most people don’t think you can pair blue and black together, but I think otherwise. Not with this shirt, but navy and black combo is very chic! I love the slouchiness of the shirt and also the sheer sleeves. I guess it’s like a t-shirt that could be dressed up or down. I like the fit of the jeans. Close fit but not too tight. I picked these up along with about 9 other items, shirts and jeans. TJ Maxx had a bunch of Zara pieces on their clearance rack and I scooped up plenty. I actually got over $400 (retail price) worth of pieces for under $90! Most of which was paid for by a gift card that I received from my employers (just to show how much they appreciate me! They are the best!). Anyway, you’ll see some of the other pieces in other posts. God Bless!

Shirt: Allen B (JCP)

Jeans: Zara (TJ Maxx)

Sneaks: Converse

Earrings: Cowtown

Jewelry: Random; Fossil; J.Crew; Shamballa

Paisley Park

11 Jul

Past Sunday: I’m late posting this photos because I became a little upset that upon doing all my posts from last weekend, my upload space was at maximum capacity! I didn’t realize it would happen so fast but it has. Now I understand why so many bloggers only post a few pics whereas I get overzealous was my photo postings because Javar takes so many photos that I have a hard time narrowing down which ones to use. So, I call myself erasing older photos from the media library, not knowing that when I did that, it also permanently erases the photos from said blog posts. Uggg! So I mistakenly deleted about 1 months worth of photos from my 1st couple months of starting this blog! So needless to say, I have to upgrade to more space but I also will now practice restraint and not post so many photos for one post. And that is why you only see 4 photos in this post and in the post to come. On to the outfit! I picked up this pants back in April when I went to find that peplum top that NY&Co was selling. I got the top but also refused to leave the store without purchasing this pants! As it is known, I love a printed pant so when I spotted these on the clearance rack it was a no-brainer! I love all the extra details such as the draping front that flaps over and fastens with a buckle. I also like the pop of red in the stripe at the hemline. Such a nice touch! And of course, I love the slouchy effect! This “tubetop” was purchased to layer under tops/blouses that may dip a little too low but I thought it would look good with these pants. The loose, slouchy pants with a more fitted top makes for great proportions. To play it safe with proportions, where something fitted with something baggy/loose. If the bottoms are loose, wear a more fitted top; if the top is loose, where more fitted bottoms. But if you feel a little more risky fashion wise, you could do loose on top and bottom. I do sometimes; it can work! But it can also give one a frumpy look. You just have to know how to do it! Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Tubetop: Poof! (Boscov’s)

Pants: NY&CO

Shoes: M.Kors (very old)

Necklace: BCF

Jewelry: Random; Fossil; J.Crew; Shamballa

Blue Wrap Watch: Coldwater Creek (thrifted)

Nails: “Neon Orange”; “Neon Yellow”; “TLC” (Ying’s Color Nail Laquer-Flea Mrkt)

Hanging in a Chow Line

7 Jul

Saturday: With temperatures reaching 100+ degrees today, I got out early to get things done. My initial plan was to wear this outfit of the denim wrap skirt with the tank. But since I was going to be indoors with the blasting a.c., I decided I would wear this white button down for the time being. I would later ditch the shirt to reveal the tank that would be more weather appropriate. I found this vintage denim wrap skirt a while ago and had to have it because it represents one of my favorite decades for fashion, the 70s. So when I reached for it today I knew how I wanted to style it. I definitely wanted to keep it retro and so this outfit is inspired by one of my favorite sitcoms of the 70s, Good Times! I still watch every episode that is shown and am also the proud owner of the series box sets. I don’t know about you, but some shows/movies I can just watch over and over again, even though I’ve seen them hundreds of times! Well, Good Times is definitely one! I am so inspired by the fashion they display. Willonna is my favorite, but Thelma does her thing too! Well this outfit is inspired by Thelma. I can see her rocking this outfit, but instead of the fitted tank (just noticed the tank is a little bunchy due to having the button up on; I should have pulled it more taught to smooth it out, if I would’ve noticed) that I chose, should would have worn a bodysuit. I have a few bodysuits, but I thought this tank would work better. Anyway, I wore this wedges (THE most comfortable shoes I own; I actually walked around in these all day @ Busch Gardens one year) to keep with the 70s feel and added the headscarf too. I really wanted to wear the scarf as a neckscarf instead of on my head but it was just too hot for that look. That’s a look I’ll save for the cooler months! So a quick outing then back in the house in the a.c. until the sun goes down then it’s time to lounge at the pool. So off to the pool now! Stay cool and remember to check on the elder and our 4 legged friends (that one’s for Michelle). God Bless!

Tank: Worthington (JCP)

Wrap Skirt: Vintage

Wedges: Steve Madden (very old)

Headscarf: Vintage

Wooden Bangles: Street Vendor??? (old)

Necklace: Flea  Market @ WOFCC-Philly (seen here)

Rosie or Lucy

7 Jul

Friday: 1st things 1st; full disclosure: I know thiese shorts a pretty short. Especially for me! I try not to go so short, considering I’m a woman of a certain age. So when I purchased these I didn’t pay attention to how short they looked and I didn’t try them on (for once). They were just so cute off the rack and the fact that they were Rachel Comey for under 20 bucks really sold me. What really attracted me to them was the tulip edge hemline. I think it’s adorable, especially how it’s actually layered. Even though they are a tad bit short when I put them on, I loved that they are highwaisted, which I didn’t notice before (and probably the reason why I didn’t notice the extra shortness!). So since the shorts were “short”, I kept everything else a little more covered up and loose fitting such as this tissue thin t-shirt, which is perfect for the warm weather. I decided to throw on this sleeveless denim shirt, worn as a vest, to cover up my backside a little bit and keep the look more casual. The whole look gave me a Rosie the Riveter feel. Michelle said Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy. Which I also love! She is one of my style inspirations on some occasions. You know I love myself some 50s, 60s, and 70s! A few more days left of the heat wave, so stay cool and hydrated! And remember to check on my favorite group of people, the elderly! God Bless!

Tee: Eleven of Twelvth (JCP)-old

Denim Shirt: GAP

Shorts: Rachel Comey (Designer Consigner)

Sandals: Sam Edelman (TJ Maxx)

Scarf: TJ Maxx

Jewelry: Random; J.Crew; Fossil; GAP