WOFCC Community Flea Market

1 Jul

Saturday: According to the weather report it was going to be another scorcher! So I was prepared for a long hot and humid day of volunteering at my church’s 1st community flea market( Word of Faith Christian Center-Philly). There will be no outfit post from me since I had to be there early and Javar would not have been happy for me to wake him just to take outfit photos of me. So the outfit was nothing special, just cutoffs, a easy breezy top and a pair of flat sandals (and of course a straw hat for sun protection) to help me combat the heat! Only one minor major detail that I had in mind but totally forgot about 7 in the morning. Yes, sunscreen! I totally forgot about it and am now paying for it because I got sunburned on my shoulders! I didn’t realize it, I thought I was shaded pretty well under the tree. But I guess the few times that I did venture out was just enough to cause the burn. Anyway, a word to the wise, please remember to slather on that sunscreen, no matter if you thing you won’t be directly exposed or not, protect your precious skin. And yes, black people do burn too! Anyways, enough about that! The flea market was a hit! Alot of the community showed out, along with members of the church. People made money and some also found Christ (Praise the Lord!). Looking forward to the next one! God Bless!


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