Peplum N Piping

6 Jul

(*I actually thought I published this post last Sunday but my mom bought it to my attention that I didn’t. I guess after doing all my postings I was just trying to quickly get off and forgot to hit “publish”. Thankfully it was saved in my drafts cause after all that writing I wouldn’t have done it again! So here it is!)

Sunday: My only outfit post of the weekend. Friday was just too hot to get dressed and even leave the house for that matter! And, as I said in my previous post from yesterday, I didn’t take any outfit photos. So today’s outfit is a touch on a couple of different trends. The dress has the peplum that has re-emerged on the fashion scene. I picked it up a few months ago with the plan to get it tailored since it is about a size too big. It was on the clearance rack and they didn’t have a smaller size but I bought it anyway. My plan was to take it to the cleaners to have a tailored down but I totally forgot about it until I had it in my mind to wear today. I could have easily not worn it and waited but once I have an outfit in my mind I just have to go with it! And the shoes, I need another pair like I need another hole in my head (ha!ha! that just came out of nowhere! do you remember that old saying?). Anyway,I couldn’t resist leaving these on the shelf when I saw them a few months back. I love the animal print, the style of the shoe, but what sold me was the neon orange piping (icing on the cake- found them on the clearance rack)! So edgy and different! I wish they came in neon yellow and neon pink too! I don’t know, maybe they do. I added the necklace to toughen up the girlie dress even more. I like how it resembles and chest plate of armor. Very Egyptian! This is the second necklace from this brand. I love their designs but the closures and attachments are cheap and seem to break easy. The necklace I wore in this post broke before the night was over and I lost one of the jewels at that time so I sadly had to return it, even though I loved it so much! Good thing they aren’t expensive to begin with. I don’t mind it so much, they’re pretty much disposable so no big loss! Sidebar: Natural Hair Journey Update- Still transitioning! I noticed that I my hair is sooo uneven! And that’s due my just randomly chopping off the relaxed ends. It doesn’t matter too much because I don’t plan on wearing my hair straight anytime soon. But did notice when I washed this time, I’m starting to see less and less relaxer left (yay!). Anyway, this hairstyle is the result of my experimentation of bantu knots that were recommended by my sister in Christ, Raushanah (thanks for inspiring me girl!). I was a little nervous about it, especially since I did it Saturday night and wouldn’t reveal it until Sunday morning, for church. It turned out pretty well, considering it was my 1st try and it didn’t quite dry all the way. A little too tight for my taste but will continue to drop over the next few days. I guess I’ll try it again! Thanks for reading! Enjoy your week! God Bless!

Dress: Emma & Michele (BCF)

Shoes: BCBG (TJ Maxx)

Necklace: D Lux (BCF)

Lipstick: Apricot (Nicka K New York)

Jewelry: Random; Thrifted; J.Crew; Fossil

Clutch: Vintage


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