Hanging in a Chow Line

7 Jul

Saturday: With temperatures reaching 100+ degrees today, I got out early to get things done. My initial plan was to wear this outfit of the denim wrap skirt with the tank. But since I was going to be indoors with the blasting a.c., I decided I would wear this white button down for the time being. I would later ditch the shirt to reveal the tank that would be more weather appropriate. I found this vintage denim wrap skirt a while ago and had to have it because it represents one of my favorite decades for fashion, the 70s. So when I reached for it today I knew how I wanted to style it. I definitely wanted to keep it retro and so this outfit is inspired by one of my favorite sitcoms of the 70s, Good Times! I still watch every episode that is shown and am also the proud owner of the series box sets. I don’t know about you, but some shows/movies I can just watch over and over again, even though I’ve seen them hundreds of times! Well, Good Times is definitely one! I am so inspired by the fashion they display. Willonna is my favorite, but Thelma does her thing too! Well this outfit is inspired by Thelma. I can see her rocking this outfit, but instead of the fitted tank (just noticed the tank is a little bunchy due to having the button up on; I should have pulled it more taught to smooth it out, if I would’ve noticed) that I chose, should would have worn a bodysuit. I have a few bodysuits, but I thought this tank would work better. Anyway, I wore this wedges (THE most comfortable shoes I own; I actually walked around in these all day @ Busch Gardens one year) to keep with the 70s feel and added the headscarf too. I really wanted to wear the scarf as a neckscarf instead of on my head but it was just too hot for that look. That’s a look I’ll save for the cooler months! So a quick outing then back in the house in the a.c. until the sun goes down then it’s time to lounge at the pool. So off to the pool now! Stay cool and remember to check on the elder and our 4 legged friends (that one’s for Michelle). God Bless!

Tank: Worthington (JCP)

Wrap Skirt: Vintage

Wedges: Steve Madden (very old)

Headscarf: Vintage

Wooden Bangles: Street Vendor??? (old)

Necklace: Flea  Market @ WOFCC-Philly (seen here)

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