Rosie or Lucy

7 Jul

Friday: 1st things 1st; full disclosure: I know thiese shorts a pretty short. Especially for me! I try not to go so short, considering I’m a woman of a certain age. So when I purchased these I didn’t pay attention to how short they looked and I didn’t try them on (for once). They were just so cute off the rack and the fact that they were Rachel Comey for under 20 bucks really sold me. What really attracted me to them was the tulip edge hemline. I think it’s adorable, especially how it’s actually layered. Even though they are a tad bit short when I put them on, I loved that they are highwaisted, which I didn’t notice before (and probably the reason why I didn’t notice the extra shortness!). So since the shorts were “short”, I kept everything else a little more covered up and loose fitting such as this tissue thin t-shirt, which is perfect for the warm weather. I decided to throw on this sleeveless denim shirt, worn as a vest, to cover up my backside a little bit and keep the look more casual. The whole look gave me a Rosie the Riveter feel. Michelle said Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy. Which I also love! She is one of my style inspirations on some occasions. You know I love myself some 50s, 60s, and 70s! A few more days left of the heat wave, so stay cool and hydrated! And remember to check on my favorite group of people, the elderly! God Bless!

Tee: Eleven of Twelvth (JCP)-old

Denim Shirt: GAP

Shorts: Rachel Comey (Designer Consigner)

Sandals: Sam Edelman (TJ Maxx)

Scarf: TJ Maxx

Jewelry: Random; J.Crew; Fossil; GAP


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