Comfy in Cons

18 Jul

Friday: Wore this even though it was gonna be hot outside, I had to be in a very cold building for a few so I wanted to be warm and comfy! I bought this shirt about a year or so ago. I liked the navy and black combo. Most people don’t think you can pair blue and black together, but I think otherwise. Not with this shirt, but navy and black combo is very chic! I love the slouchiness of the shirt and also the sheer sleeves. I guess it’s like a t-shirt that could be dressed up or down. I like the fit of the jeans. Close fit but not too tight. I picked these up along with about 9 other items, shirts and jeans. TJ Maxx had a bunch of Zara pieces on their clearance rack and I scooped up plenty. I actually got over $400 (retail price) worth of pieces for under $90! Most of which was paid for by a gift card that I received from my employers (just to show how much they appreciate me! They are the best!). Anyway, you’ll see some of the other pieces in other posts. God Bless!

Shirt: Allen B (JCP)

Jeans: Zara (TJ Maxx)

Sneaks: Converse

Earrings: Cowtown

Jewelry: Random; Fossil; J.Crew; Shamballa


2 Responses to “Comfy in Cons”

  1. Tavia Mac (@NinetoFly) July 24, 2012 at 11:38 #

    Another great casual outfit! You are looking fly!

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