Down By the Riverside

24 Jul

Saturday: Some shots from The Global Fusion Festival @ Penns Landing. I love going to events like this! For me, it’s all about the people watching, checking out the various fashion choices and styles that people rock. I love it when some people are just so confident and comfortable with who they are that they wear whatever they want; no matter if it’s different than what everyone else is wearing or whatever. When people are not afraid of fashion and they just do whatever they want and whatever they feel at that time! So we saw so many fashion risk- takers but a few of our favorites were the twosome who looked as if they stepped straight out of the 80’s (flat top fade; shag hair cut and all) and my favorite was kid in the green pants with the color shirt and red slip-on shoes. I loved his look! And he strutted his stuff around like nobody’s business! So confident! Love it! Even though Michelle called him Mr. Brown Jr., LOL! Oh yeah, the concert performers were Elle Varner, Kenny Latimore and Brandy. Very nice but couldn’t see a thing because we weren’t there all day like the ones who had front and center views. But that’s ok, the music was great! And no guilty, suspiciously sneaking around people confronted me about randomly taking pics like last year. Today was a good day (in the words of Ice Cube)!  Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!


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