White Hot

29 Jul

Sunday: I’ve been wanting to wear this peplum top that I bought like months ago when I also purchased these pants.  I wanted to wear it as part of an all white ensemble so I chose these white jeans. I love the look of all white but am always a little nervous to wear it. I no longer have any small children that run their little grubby hands all over my pristine white, but any little smudge on white just ruins the look. But since I was going to church and there would be no chance of accidental dirt/food accidents, I was cool! Anywho, because the top flares at the bottom, I wore it with a more fitted pant. Some may choose to wear a peplum with a flared skirt or looser fitting bottoms but my taste leans more towards a more fitted silhouette on the bottom. I just like how the flare of the top complements a more streamlined bottom such as a pencil skirt or these skinny jeans. But it’s whatever you like. Have fun and express yourself however you want. That’s why it’s called “personal style”. Anyways, I didn’t want to do white shoes too. I wanted the outfit to be more interesting than just all white, so I added these gray shoes. Even though they are a neutral and not a real “color”, they still pop with everything else being white. It just makes for a clean look. A little color in the accessories was all that was needed. Do you ever wear all white? Or are you nervous to white? God Bless!

P.S.: I decided to do the throwback braids thing. Getting board with my hair and needed a change. Plus a lot naturalistas say braids are good way to go while transitioning from relaxed hair. Now let’s see how long I will keep them!

Top: NY&Co

Jeans: Celebrity Pink (Ross)

Shoes: Calvin Klein (Ross)

Jewelry: Random; J.Crew; Shamballa


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