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Paint and Camo

27 Aug

Sunday: This is what I wore for dress down at church today. The jeans are another one of those painted/deconstructed pieces that I love so much! I like that they are “painter style” pants (that’s what they were called when I was growing up, painter pants; now commonly referred to as carpenter jeans; all the same none the less!) that actually have paint on them as if they were really worn by an actual painter. Very subtle beige paint detail not easily seen from afar but up close you have to do a double take and look them over cause it looks as if I accidentally got something on them (sorry for the extra long, run on sentence). The other thing I like about these jeans is the fit. You know me and slouchy fit get along really nicely. These are actually men’s jeans, skinny, slouchy fit so they give me that slightly dropped crotch that I love so much. Since the look was pretty casual, I added my python heels to keep it feminine. Finally getting a chance to wear these heels that were actually one of the pairs of shoes that I found on my thrifting trip in NYC with Designer Consigner, back in the Spring. All high-end designer pieces at this thrift store. The prices may be expensive to some, but if you’re a person who buys designer and knows what they retail for, you will understand the great value/steals/deals you will find here. And the jacket was more for function, the cold church, but I liked how it looked all together. Speaking of the jacket, I purchased it while outlet shopping after our beach day a few weeks back. I was hesitant to buy it even though I really wanted it. It was on the marked down rack for 50% off but I still didn’t want to pay that price. I gave in and decided to get it because I knew I would regret it if I couldn’t find another one cheaper, somewhere else. Lo and behold, when the girl rang it up, it actually was more than 80% the outlet price! Yay! It was definitely worth it! Now just think if I do go for it I would’ve missed out on a great deal! Even though I would have never known, but anyway, I was satisfied with my purchase. Thanks for stopping by. God Bless!

P.S.-Natural hair journey update: Ever since I took my braids out I’ve been cutting pieces of the relaxer that’s left on my ends, little by little. So tonight I finally got fed up with those stringy ends that have been holding me down. We’ll see what I can do with it now because I can barely get it into a ponytail now while it’s wet. Anyway, stay tuned for pics of it in my next post.

Tee: GAP (old)

Jeans: Men’s 511 Skinny (Forman Mills)

Belt: Men’s H&M (old)

Shoes: Gucci Python Sandals (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Thrift Store)

Bracelets/Watch: Random; Fossil; J.Crew; Myrtle Beach; Loehmann’s; M.Kors

Earrings: Ralph Lauren (TJ Maxx)

Necklace: Forever 21 (old)

Sunglasses: Liz Claiborne (TJ Maxx??)

Boho Chic

17 Aug

Friday: Dug out this old dress that I’ve had for about a decade now. So easy and comfy. Don’t know why I haven’t worn it since then but I decided to bring it out today. It was an easy decision since I was in a rush to leave the house. It’s made of a crinkly material which is perfect for me (I hate to iron!). Also it’s so lightweight that it’s easy to wear on warm Summer day. It kinda has a bohemian vibe to it so I thought these booties would work perfectly! Plus I like the look of a boot with a dress/shorts. And as you can see, I took the box braids out! I didn’t last as long as I planned, well only 1 week shy of my goal, but I couldn’t take them any longer! I loved having them and doing different styles with them while letting my natural hair take a break, but I just needed to feel my own hair. I don’t know how people where braids and weaves for long periods of time but I can’t do it! Anyway, I’ll give myself a break and then probably put them back in. So this is a hairstyle that I wear the day I wash it. Just twisted and pin the twist to let it air dry. Oh yeah, I thought the peacock earrings when perfectly with the whole boho look! Enjoy your weekend! God Bless!

Dress: ???? (very old)

Booties: Old Navy (New for Fall)

Earrings: Charles Klein (BCF)

Sunglasses: M. Kors (old)




12 Aug

Sunday: This idea of dressy and sporty/casual together has become an ongoing look for me. The midi skirt is a more dressy piece with it’s cut, pleats, fabric and gold interwoven within the fabric. One might wear such a skirt on a more semiformal occasion.  But as for me, I prefer to balance out the dressiness with something more casual like this jacket. I’ve had this jacket for a couple years now and it had almost made it out of the closet on a few different occasions but never did. Well, when I decided to wear this skirt the jacket wasn’t the first piece that came to mind. But after some other options didn’t go over so well with what I had in mind, the jacket made the cut. Because the skirt is more straight in the hip area and flares down lower, I wanted something that would balance that out. So that’s how this jacket won out. Because of the puffed sleeves, the elasticized waist and overall fullness in the fit of the jacket, I think it compliments the skirt well. And of course a heel always ups the ante of any ensemble! Speaking of heels, I had stalked this shoes for a few months until they lowered the price to something I thought was more reasonable. I had actually purchased them before they went on sale but returned them the next day after realizing they were definitely overpriced (not really, but not what I wanted to pay for them), and I just didn’t love them that much to pay that price. So I took the risk of possibly losing them forever and decided to watch and wait. They took forever to mark them down! But after a few months of checking on them weekly and hoping they would be marked down and still have my size, they began to do markdowns! Still not low enough, I continued to watch them. Then finally one day, the sign read a significant markdown! Yay! And they still had my size! As I grabbed the box down to try them on again, the tag read that they were marked down even more then the sign said! I paid less than 1/2 of what the original price was! So as you see, they came home with me that day! I say it was meant to be! Sometimes it pays to have patience when shopping. Usually not the case for me, but it does happen sometimes! But if I really like/love a piece, it has to go home with me immediately! That’s just me! That’s part of the passion for fashion thing! Anyway, sorry for rambling so much but thanks for reading! Enjoy the upcoming week! God Bless!

Jacket: A.N.A (JCP-old)

Skirt: Mui Mui (Green Street Consignment)

Shoes: DVF (Marshall’s)

Jewelry: Random; Shamballa; Thrifted

Necklace: Worthington (JCP)



11 Aug

Saturday: Changed into this to hang out with my mom and sister. My initial plan was to wear my sky high Michael Kors wedges with this ensemble but those blisters I talked about in the previous post changed my mind for me. Because the cutoffs and the sweatshirt are so casual, I wanted to wear the wedges to jooj it up a little. So since I limit my suffering for fashion at some point, that was not an option today and these flat sandals would have to do! I found this sweatshirt while looking thru the men’s department for something for Javar. I am really into the sweatshirt thing right now and many styling options came to mind when I saw this lil number. I really liked how it looks like I stole it from my man’s closet of work clothes. So perfectly worn looking with holes and paint splashes. I know, some might say, why would you buy a shirt that looks worn out and used? I don’t look at that as negative thing. I look at it like a shirt that has some character, it’s more interesting to me. The same idea as distressed jeans with rips and holes. The pieces just looks more interesting to me, more personality to an outfit.  And of course accessories always pulls together an outfit, no matter how casual an outfit is. What do you think of distressing clothing? Enjoy your weekend! God Bless!


Sweatshirt: Rugby by Ralph Lauren (Marshall’s)

Original Cutoffs: Levi’s 501 (Marshall’s)

Headscarf: Gucci

Sandals: Payless

Sunglasses: T. Burch

Jewelry: Random; Shamballa; Fossil


11 Aug

Saturday: I bought this dress several months ago. I was attracted to the color. I love a bright color! Black accessories was a no-brainer to wear with this color. Yeah, it was a pretty obvious and expected choice. Unlike what I would of normally done. But I just felt like wearing black. It would have also worked with brown, nude or a metallic. Anyways, this shoes a very old. Probably like at least 4 yrs old. I wore them for the 1st and only time to my nephew’s graduation party. After walking a short distance in them today, I realized why I haven’t let them see the light of day ever since. They rub my feet in all the wrong places! I didn’t have them on for long but now have 3 blisters as a result! Two on each foot! So needless to say, I changed out of these things as quickly as possible! Maybe, just maybe, the next time I wear them I will strategically place band-aids in all the places where they rub! They are cute though, aren’t they? Sidebar: the dress doesn’t really fit so clingy; the wind just happened to start blowing when it was photo time, ugh! But it is a wrinkly type fabric even after trying relentlessly to iron it! God Bless!

Dress: Old Navy

Belt: Kimchi Blue (UO)

Shoes: M.Kors (very old)

Jewelry: Random; Shamballa; Fossil


Batter Up!

11 Aug

Friday: Remember these old school baseball tees? Well, a few months ago when I saw it in the store, I knew I wanted to take it home. I thought of several ways to style it. My main styling option was to do my usual, wear it with something more dressy. I like the juxtaposition of pairing dressy with sporty. But today I opted to go dressed down  and casual  and wear the tee with cutoffs. Of course I wouldn’t go all the way casual and put on a pair of sneakers, so these shoes have been my go-to when I do the sporty/athletic thing. It’s funny that I’ve had these shoes for sooo many years and had only worn them once up until this past year I’ve worn them several times. The cutoffs are a DIY that I learned from Kelly on her  blog “The Glamourai”. I actually like how they came out! Not your ordinary cutoffs, a little twist to them with the angled hemline. I  think the next time I style this tee it will be with something more dressy like a pencil skirt and heels. You’ll have to stop back by to see it! So thanks for reading, have a great weekend! God Bless!

Baseball Tee: Soffee (Boscov’s)

DIY Cutoff Shorts: Martin & Osa

Shoes: Nine West (very old)

Sunglasses: GAP (Marshall’s)

Golden Bat

5 Aug

Sunday: Today I’m wearing a couple of pieces that I picked up shopping on our way home from the beach. The vibrant color purple of these pants instantly caught my eye! The color is different from any that I own so I knew they had to come home with me. Once I tried them on, and the fit, that was a wrap! The cropped pant is on trend and helps to show off a good shoe! This trend also works for the taller ladies (who need like a 34inch inseam or more) who have trouble finding pants that are the proper length. You just need to be careful that they hit in the right spot or they could look like “floods” (old school term, lol) and that it wasn’t intentional. The shoes were also a great deal found at the Nine West outlet. Buy one get one 50% off. The pants could come off as dressy but I wanted to play that down more casual by wearing this gold Batman embellished tee. I think the colors of the purple, black and gold play off each other well. And of course a jacket just completes any outfit, even though it’s hot outside, gotta be prepared for the a.c. indoors! I like mixing it up! When you pair unexpected pieces together, it just makes for a more interesting outfit! What’s your personal style? Are you creative, conservative/traditional, romantic, sporty, dramatic, alluring/sexy or elegant? If you’re having problems with this question, maybe you need to contact me for a fashion consultation. Check out my website for information. I’ll be happy to help you figure it out or perhaps develop your personal style! Or maybe just do some personal styling for you! Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed your weekend! God Bless!

Jacket: Thorn (old)

Tee: Walmart

Pants: Calvin Klein (outlet)

Belt: M.Kors (?-old)

Shoes: Nine West (outlet)

Jewelry: Random; J.Crew; Shamballa

Cuff: JCP (old)

Back to My Roots

5 Aug

Saturday: After a morning in a fluorescent vest, this is a much better change! (if you follow me on Instagram you know what I’m talking about!). A maxi skirt or dress and a tank is always an easy and cool choice for a hot day. The ethnic print of the skirt is what caught my eye when I saw it on the rack. I actually thought it was a pair of printed pants, which you know is an obsession of mine, but I was still pleased with it being a skirt. The belt with the same print as the hemline line, is a nice touch. And a flat sandal is just a no-brainer with a maxi. It dresses it down and gives it an effortless feel. With the ethnic print skirt and how I styled my braids in this double bun updo, I feel I am embracing my African roots. No, I don’t know for sure what African roots, but I’m Black, so we all have some African heritage! Anyway, hope you had a great day. God Bless!

Tank: Limited

Skirt: ? (BCF)

Sandals: Payless (on sale now)

Sunglasses: M.Kors (old)

Jewelry: Random; Fossil; Shamballa; J.Crew; H&M; Thrifted

A Day At the Beach

5 Aug

Friday: Enjoyed a nice, relaxing day at the beach! No drama, no children, just the girls hanging out and soaking up the sun! A day filled with sunbathing, people watching, reading, napping (my favorite thing to do at the beach; well anywhere for that matter!) and chatting. And of course, eating! There’s nothing like packing a cooler full of food and drinks and just eating on the beach. Sans the seagulls that is! I can’t stand those things! Did I mention one swooped down and try to steal my sandwich at the Jersey Shore years ago (ok, in their defense, I did kinda have my sandwich up in the air a little; don’t remember why, but a big mistake!). Ever since then, I can’t stand those nasty birds! They lurk around just waiting to be fed or to steal food! Not here! Even though the animal lady, Michelle, would’ve gladly fed them if I would have given her the o.k. Oh yeah, we did see a one-legged seagull! Curious as to how he ended up that way, but anyways, I got a pic of him on my phone. And of course you can’t go to the beach without a little bit of outlet shopping afterwards. We got some good deals, but there also weren’t too many good deals. You’ll see some of those purchases in later posts. Do you like the beach? Have you made it to any beach yet this Summer? God Bless!

P.S.: My Swimsuit is by Gideon Oberson. Gideon is an Italian who studied fashion is Paris and later went to Israel to start business. I love his swimwear! He uses a lot of bright, vibrant colors and various textiles that make for interesting pieces. He is now part of the Gottex family which is big in swimwear. I have a few of his suits that I picked up several years ago (like over 5yrs ago), from Marshall’s. This is my 1st time wearing this one but I’ve worn a couple of the others that I have a long while ago. Me buying swimsuits is just like me buying anything else fashion related. I buy several but hardly ever where them! I think I usually buy about 2-3 swimsuits every Spring and have now amassed quite a few! I’m actually proud of myself because I didn’t buy any this year, at all! Yay me!