A Day At the Beach

5 Aug

Friday: Enjoyed a nice, relaxing day at the beach! No drama, no children, just the girls hanging out and soaking up the sun! A day filled with sunbathing, people watching, reading, napping (my favorite thing to do at the beach; well anywhere for that matter!) and chatting. And of course, eating! There’s nothing like packing a cooler full of food and drinks and just eating on the beach. Sans the seagulls that is! I can’t stand those things! Did I mention one swooped down and try to steal my sandwich at the Jersey Shore years ago (ok, in their defense, I did kinda have my sandwich up in the air a little; don’t remember why, but a big mistake!). Ever since then, I can’t stand those nasty birds! They lurk around just waiting to be fed or to steal food! Not here! Even though the animal lady, Michelle, would’ve gladly fed them if I would have given her the o.k. Oh yeah, we did see a one-legged seagull! Curious as to how he ended up that way, but anyways, I got a pic of him on my phone. And of course you can’t go to the beach without a little bit of outlet shopping afterwards. We got some good deals, but there also weren’t too many good deals. You’ll see some of those purchases in later posts. Do you like the beach? Have you made it to any beach yet this Summer? God Bless!

P.S.: My Swimsuit is by Gideon Oberson. Gideon is an Italian who studied fashion is Paris and later went to Israel to start business. I love his swimwear! He uses a lot of bright, vibrant colors and various textiles that make for interesting pieces. He is now part of the Gottex family which is big in swimwear. I have a few of his suits that I picked up several years ago (like over 5yrs ago), from Marshall’s. This is my 1st time wearing this one but I’ve worn a couple of the others that I have a long while ago. Me buying swimsuits is just like me buying anything else fashion related. I buy several but hardly ever where them! I think I usually buy about 2-3 swimsuits every Spring and have now amassed quite a few! I’m actually proud of myself because I didn’t buy any this year, at all! Yay me!

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