11 Aug

Saturday: I bought this dress several months ago. I was attracted to the color. I love a bright color! Black accessories was a no-brainer to wear with this color. Yeah, it was a pretty obvious and expected choice. Unlike what I would of normally done. But I just felt like wearing black. It would have also worked with brown, nude or a metallic. Anyways, this shoes a very old. Probably like at least 4 yrs old. I wore them for the 1st and only time to my nephew’s graduation party. After walking a short distance in them today, I realized why I haven’t let them see the light of day ever since. They rub my feet in all the wrong places! I didn’t have them on for long but now have 3 blisters as a result! Two on each foot! So needless to say, I changed out of these things as quickly as possible! Maybe, just maybe, the next time I wear them I will strategically place band-aids in all the places where they rub! They are cute though, aren’t they? Sidebar: the dress doesn’t really fit so clingy; the wind just happened to start blowing when it was photo time, ugh! But it is a wrinkly type fabric even after trying relentlessly to iron it! God Bless!

Dress: Old Navy

Belt: Kimchi Blue (UO)

Shoes: M.Kors (very old)

Jewelry: Random; Shamballa; Fossil


2 Responses to “Turtles”

  1. thierryjan August 12, 2012 at 07:09 #

    lovely style and dress

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