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A Childhood Classic

30 Sep


Sunday: Another dress down day at church. An all praise n worship service with an awesome saxophonist, Min. Jose Carmona, who had an awesome testimony of healing. Anyways, decided to wear this ensemble for not only dress down but also because we were going straight to Javar’s game afterwards. Only needed to change into some comfy footwear and a jacket. I like the idea of a fun graphic tee to make an outfit more fun and not taking getting dressed too serious. It might be hard to tell, but my tee is adorned with the image of the one and only, Cat in the Hat. Now who doesn’t love him and all of Dr. Seuss’ characters? They were the 1st books that I ever read and that was read to and by my children. Classics, which I think almost everyone learned to read with them. I still love them and will pick one up and read it if I see one in a doctor’s office or somewhere. So this trend of the graphic tee has been around for a long time. My kids have been wearing them for years. Quirky, funny sayings and/or pictures on them. Now women are taking them up a notch by wearing them with more dressy pieces and heels. Doing it this way takes them from being a child’s piece to a level of more grown up. It’s all in how you style them. Wear them with jeans and heels, a pencil skirt, or a pair of slacks. Just add heels and some stand out accessories and go with it. The short sleeve “coat” is actually a dress. I found it while thrifting months ago and knew I wanted to style it as a coat/vest and not a dress. It would actually be o.k. as a dress too but it’s not my size and I think it’s more interesting worn this way. I always loved short-sleeve coats. I have one and am on the look out for another in nice print/pattern. So there you have it, today’s outfit. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. God Bless!

“Coat”: Thrifted

Tee: Wal-Mart

Jeans: Forever21 (old)

Belt: Tory Burch

Booties: Vince Camuto (

Jewelry: Random; Shamballa; Vince Camuto

Sunglasses: Club Monaco


29 Sep

Friday: I wore this to go hang out and have lunch with my sister. The weather was perfect! Well, you know I like it hot but it is kind of nice to get to wear certain pieces as the temperatures began to get cooler. That’s the only reason I actually do like the change of seasons and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but the East Coast. For clothing options. I am able to dress in the most lightweight pieces in the Summer to the most heavy, weighty pieces that our cold winters require, and everything in between for Spring and Fall. So today was one of those days that was warm enough to wear bare legs but also cool enjoy to wear long sleeves. Anyways, the denim shirt is a piece that I thrifted. A girl can never have too many denim/chambray button downs. They go with everything! The skirt is a piece that I picked up a couple of months ago. I also bought the pants in the same pattern. They had a blazer to match also but by the time these pieces made it to the clearance rack it was gone. But a few months before I bought these pieces, I purchased a different pattern in the pants and blazer by the same designer/brand. I haven’t worn it yet but plan to do so soon. I heard someone call this type of pattern “flo-mo”. It is said to be a combination of a floral print with the design of camoflauge. I agreed with that and decided to call my pattern Flo-Mo. I haven’t heard that term used anywhere else but maybe it will become a term used in the industry since these types of patterns were seen on the runways. Hair Update: So I decided I wanted to blow out my hair after wearing it natural for a while now. I actually haven’t had it straightened in 6mo. so I just wanted to do it. I didn’t want it bone straight and wanted to wear it big with lots of volume. I did have some curls but due to the humidity, it didn’t last. I do like how soft and full it is though. That’s one of the good things about being relaxer-free, my natural thickness is back. So that’s it for now. Hope you enjoy your weekend! God Bless!

Shirt: Thrifted

Skirt:Workshop by Andrea Jovine (BCF)

Boots: H&M (old)

Necklace: BCF

Jewelry: Random; Shamballa; Thrifted

Hi Tops and Hi Hair

24 Sep

Sunday: This comfy outfit was 1st worn to church (dress down day, of course) and then for Javar’s football game (and the others). The pants, I purchased several years back and only wore them to be comfy when we moved our oldest to NYC for school. I sort of forgot about them until I accidentally pulled them down on my head while reaching for something else buried at the top of my closet. They are the softest, most comfy and best quality sweats I own. I also like that they are slouchy, of course. But the style with the belt kind of makes them a bit more dressed up then your usual, run of the mill sweatpants. I didn’t want to be too casual and come off as  lazy or look as if I didn’t ca, so I added the oh-so-versatile denim button down. Keeps the look more casual then gym uniform. The sneakers are a trend piece, the wedge sneaker. They actually have a hidden wedge inside the sole. They are big right now! I like this trend but was not in a hurry to jump on the bandwagon because most of the ones that are out there are designer  and run about $600+. Definitely would never (well, I shouldn’t say never, but you get the point) spend that much money for a pair of sneakers, yet alone, a trendy pair, that I will not wear much at all. Also, even though I like the trend, I don’t like wearing the same things that most people are wearing. I like to be different. I mean, I’ll wear some things that others do, sometimes there’s no getting around that, but I try not to buy the exact same pieces that others are wearing. I’ll find something similiar if possible. Maybe the same trend, but with a little twist or something. So when I saw these sneakers and the price was definitely right, I had to have them. I also bought another wedge pair that I wore but didn’t take photos. You’ll see next time. Hair Update: Trying out this fro puff mohawk thingy that was inspired by a girl on Instagram. Pretty easy style and different. Next time I need to make sure the puffs are blended into each other more. But anyway, I like how it turned out. Loving my versatile natural hair! Anyways, enjoy your week. God Bless!

Shirt: Hollister (old)

Pants: GAP (old)

Sneakers: Aldo (recent)

Necklace: BCF

Jewelry: Chanel; Random; Shamballa; Loehmann’s

Preppy Girl

16 Sep

Sunday: Church outfit. Trying to get in the last of my Summer pieces before it gets too cold. I bought this skirt a couple of years ago. Just dug it from the back of my closet and popped the tags. Hence the wrinkles that didn’t want to come. The lightweight knit sweater that I had envisioned wearing with it didn’t go over so well so this button down was a last minute decision. I actually like how the shirt makes this look more preppy. A version of the khaki pants and plaid button down, but with a skirt. The colors also keep with the preppy look. I added the pink headband and pink lips to make the pink in the shirt pop more. The shoes are the heel version of a classic loafer. I haven’t worn them in many years, only the 2nd time since I bought them about 4 years ago. And now I remember why. They are not comfortable. Sometimes it’s just the construction of the shoe that makes it uncomfortable. This are definitely not walking shoes. They were ok for today, standing a little and then sitting down. I probably won’t wear them for another 4yrs.. Down the drain for that price per wear figure that some people use. I know that hardly ever applies to me and I don’t try to follow it. The jacket was worn for the morning chill in the air but also compliments the outfit well. So there you have it, today’s outfit. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the upcoming week. God Bless!

Denim Blazer: GAP (old)

Shirt: Hollister (old)

Skirt: M.Kors (old)

Shoes: M.Kors (very old)

Jewelry: Random; Shamballa; J.Crew

Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace: Thrifted

Flat Out

16 Sep

Saturday: An easy, carefree outfit for a Saturday of fulfilling volunteer duties for church. I knew that I was going to be on my feet and walking alot so I decided to pull out these flats. If you’ve noticed, I’m not big on wearing flats. Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re cute and everything but I don’t wear them much for a few good reasons. #1: I don’t like being flat to the ground. I don’t exactly know why, but I don’t. And it doesn’t matter to me that I’m already on the tall side, I just feel better in heels. And my husband is confident enough that even though I am much taller than him in heels, it doesn’t matter to him. #2: Flats aren’t as comfortable as people make them out to be. To me anyway. I am more comfortable, literally, in most of my heels. The design of flats just isn’t suitable for my feet. They rub and cut across in the same areas of my feet no matter the size or the designer/brand. They just are a bit too painful after a while. #3: I just like how heels look on my feet and how they make me walk. There’s something about when a woman wears heels that our posture, our walk and our confidence levels just seem to be elevated with those heels. Even for woman who normally don’t wear heels. Once they learn how to walk in them, their shoulders go back, head go up, chest goes out and they just walk and feel different. If you’re not a Team Heels, give it a try, you’ll see! Hope you had a good Saturday. God Bless!

Shirt: Old Navy (old)

Boyfriend Jeans: Celebrity Pink (real old)

Shoes: Tory Burch Suede Reva Flats (old)

Jewelry: Random; J.Crew; Thrifted; Shamballa

Stars and Stripes

16 Sep

Friday: Even though it was very warm during the day, I had to dress for a nighttime football when the temps would surely be much lower. That’s the hard part about dressing for the weather during this time of the year. It could be 80 degrees during the afternoon, but soon as the sun goes down and night falls, so does the temperatures. It actually turned out to be warmer than I expected but I was still comfortable in this laid back outfit. The mosquitoes were CRAZY! They were as big as flies! You could actually see and feel them as they landed on you. My mom killed one that landed on her face and when she did, you wouldn’t believe how much blood came out of that sucker. Her finger looked as if she had cut it. That mosquito must have been sucking blooding from everyone out there until he ran into mommy and met his end. So the long pants and the long sleeves definitely helped out in that situation. Even though I still had to spray on the OFF! because they were just ridiculous flying around us. So these are like my favorite boots of all times. I know I recently claimed my Old Navy ankle boots as my favs. But these were around way before those. These are so comfy and easily go with any outfit from skinny jeans, to shorts, to skirts (maxi and minis), leggings, etc. God Bless and thanks for reading!

Button Down Shirt: Abercrombie (thrifted)

Sweater: Forever 21 (very very old)

Jeans: Zara Basics (TJ Maxx)

Boots: MK (old)

Jewelry: Random; Thrifted; Shamballa

Proud Mom

9 Sep

Sunday: I wore this to go to Javar’s season opener. It was actually hotter outside than I thought it would be today so I wore this instead of the jeans that I had planned to wear to the game. But since all of the games ran late, Javar’s game that was supposed to start at 5pm didn’t actually start until closer to 6pm. So since the game started later, the game ran later which meant the sun went down and the wind started blowing (they play close to the river so it’s always cooler than inland) and it got chilly. But if you know me, you know I am always prepared with stuff in my car. Sometimes too much stuff in my car (if you ask my family). My son was a beast today on the field! I mean, he always plays well but I’m just gonna brag a little today. I’m not usually one to brag about anything. I’m a modest person and so are my husband and children. We are just blessed that God has given us certain talents and abilities so people will tell you I never brag or boast on anything.

Anyways, Javar had an excellent game! He is usually a defensive/lineman player but this year they actually have a play where he is a receiver. My son is always one of, if not the tallest kid on the field with long arms and can jump over top all the others. Well, he did just that today. He caught two passes and ran for some yardage. Not only did he do his thing on those plays, he did his thing on defense end too. All the while some little chic was behind me yelling for him the whole time (“as I give her the side eye”).  Later, she approached him as he came off the field and made sure she got a response out of him as he tried to ignore her and she let him know that she had been yelling/cheering for him the whole time even though she has to cheer for her own team tomorrow (she is a freshman in high school). He told me that she used to like him last year (um hum, is that right?). Ok, I digress.

So this outfit was just thrown together literally as I rushed home for church to go to the f-ball games. The shirt is really old. I just never wore it as usual. It actually goes into the  theme of my current obsession with deconstructed/paint splattered, etc. But this denim shirt has the effect of being splattered with bleach. I could actually DIY one myself but I already had this one. Maybe I’ll do a long sleeve one myself. It came with a brown, braided belt but i opted to wear it open like a vest instead. The booties are only a couple months old but I have been wearing them non-stop. They just go with everything and their comfy and easy to wear. I don’t think I’ve ever worn any one pair of shoes or boots this much before. I usually don’t do the favorite shoe or piece of clothing thing because I never get attached to one thing. But these boots have taken over my life. I think they are a perfect Summer/Fall staple to wear with dresses, skirts and shorts. And now the hat! I love hats and have not been able to wear any of my hats all Summer since going natural and not straightening my hair. My hair is just too thick and puff to pull of the hat thing. I see some naturals wear their hats sitting off the back of their heads but that’s not my style. I like my hat to sit low over my eyes. So after twisting up my hair the other day, I realized that I could pin the twists up, let my bang out and put on a hat I was ecstatic. So as you see couldn’t resist but to wear a hat twice in one day. Now that I know what to do with this natural hair in order to wear my hats, you will be seeing me in them alot more. Sorry for talking so much but I like to put down what I feel or am thinking and give you details on my outfit and why/where I wore it to. I like to read what’s going on with the blogger and why they chose their outfit. It’s boring just to see outfit posts without any dialog all the time. I guess for a fashion blogger  who actually wears the outfits and not just put on the clothes for the pictures, we have more to say. To each his own. Do you! Well, the end to another weekend. Hope you had a good one. Good Bless!

Tank: H&M (old)

Denim Shirt: Random (BCF??)

Cutoff Shorts: Levis 501 (Marshalls)

Belt: Vintage YSL

Booties: Old Navy (current)

Jewelry: Random; Shamballa; Myrtle Beach

Extra Long

9 Sep

Sunday: Ok, I did just what I don’t like to see done. I wore these palazzo pants waaayy too long. I like my pants long but I don’t like when women wear pants that drag the ground. So I did just that today. Well, I purchased these pants well over a year ago and tried them on once they came  but then they have been stuffed in my closet ever since. So since the weather is about to cool down again, I decided I should at least get a wear out of them this year. But I didn’t realize or probably just forgot how long they actually were. Even in the house I didn’t realize they were this long! I chose a pair of higher heels so they wouldn’t drag so much and when I walked they actually flowed enough that I didn’t step on them and trip. But just still they really are just too long. Maybe I could of worn an even higher heel. I probably should of pulled out a pair of my highest platform shoes that would of given me just enough height to raise up these hemlines more. I guess the next time I’ll have to do one of those pairs of shoes and see how they work or take them to get tailored (if there is a next time for these pants; probably not). Anyway, I broke on of my own rules. Shame on me! Anyways, since the pants have their own drama, the extra wide legs and vibrant blue color, I decided to tone down the outfit with a simple fitted black tank. Slim, fitted on the top, loose and wide on the bottom (a good fashion rule to follow). I thought the leopard print hat was a nice touch and goes well with the colors of the blue/black. And since I wore a statement necklace (which always works with a basic tank or tee), I came the earrings small. When you wear a statement necklace, keep the earrings simple and vice versa. That’s not a “rule” but most of the time it works better this way. But like I always say, it’s o.k. to do your own. Whatever makes you feel good regardless of what anyone else thinks. Be bold. Be confident. Do you! Thanks for reading and your kind comments! God Bless!

Tank: H&M (old)

Pants: Asos (old)

Hat: Bongo (Gifted from my mom)

Necklace: Jessica Simpson (gift)

Bangles: Random (old)

Watch: M.Kors (old)

Fashion’s Night Out 2012

7 Sep

Thursday: For those of you who don’t know, last night was the official “Fashion’s Night Out”. This is a big event celebrated across the U.S. to celebrate fashion and the kickoff to New York Fashion Week. The main events are in Manhattan but other cities do their own little thing. Well, here in lil ‘ole D-ware, not known for fashion, at all, we had an event at The Christiana Mall. The event consisted of several stores and restaurants in the mall participating by having music (live DJs), cocktails, special deals, etc. in their stores. One of the special guests was Melissa Gorga (I guess that’s her name; I don’t watch, from the New Jersey housewives show. Also, Dana Herbert was there. He is the local Delaware baker that won the reality show “The Next Great Baker” a year or so ago. His business is called Desserts by Dana. I’ve never had anything from him but I here they are very good. And one of those compliments was from someone who bakes well themselves. Note to self: sample some of Dana’s creations! Anyway, we had a blast. Well, we always have fun shopping but the vibe was different with the events going on. We danced. Yeah, we did the Wobble outside the courtyard at Macy’s. As were neared the corner, we heard the music and I knew I would see my sistahs out on the floor. Lo and behold, we turned the corner and there they were. So we just joined right in. Even though it took me a minute to remember the steps, I finally got my groove and we wobbled as a mall of onlookers watched. The night ended at Brio Tuscan Restaurant with mushroom ravioli in the best cream sauce ever, and chopped salad. All while listening to their live DJ and watching the ladies get their party on. Sidebar: Why is it that women are always the ones having all the fun while the men just sit around looking crazy? I love that us women are so confident and bold to just let go and have fun whenever and wherever! P.S.: My maxiskirt is the one I’ve been stalking for several months now just waiting for the price to go down to what I wanted to pay. As usual, I waited as they only had 1 size xs and 2 size smalls. It too forever! But finally, it did and still had 2 left. Yay, for me. Patience paid off again. I’m getting pretty good at this patience thing when it comes to fashion. I was thinking about going to buy the other one, if it’s still there, and dying it. Retail $178; Marshalls original price $80; final sale price $15. So anyway, next year I plan to celebrate this event in NYC. We’ll c. Have a good weekend. God Bless!

Skirt: BCBG (Marshall’s)

Chambray Shirt: A.N.A. (JCP)

Necklace: Worthington (JCP-old)

Bag: Old Navy (old)


Black n White

2 Sep

Sunday: I am finally able to wear my heels again with pain in my calf (read what happen here). It’s still a little tender to the touch but definitely feeling better. So this is what I wore to church today. Not that I was trying to get the last of the white in before Labor Day, but this is just what I came up with today. And if you know me and fashion, you already know that I don’t follow any “fashion rules”. I will definitely wear white after Labor Day, if I feel like it. Anyway, I love the combo of all black and white. There’s something about it that just always looks chic and classic. I purchased this skirt a few months ago because I own many pencil skirts but none in white. The sweater is about 3 yrs old, a purchase that I also bought in 2 other colors but maybe a different motif. The shoes are super old. Which I also bought in two other colors (one of which seen here). Maybe I’ll wear the fushia ones next year since I’ve hadn’t been inspired to wear them in last 5-6 yrs since I purchased them. The last and only time I’ve ever worn these ones was back when I used to go to clubs and this drunk jerk (say that 3x fast, haha )spilled his beer on my feet. You know I was heated! How dare he spill something on my white shoes and act like it wasn’t a big deal. It mostly spilled on my toes so the rest of the shoe came out spot-free which I was happy about especially since they were brand new and most of all, they are fabric material and not leather which could have been wiped clean. I know, it’s my fault for wearing white to the club. So what! Anyway, I just loved how this combo of black/white came together. Hair Update: 3rd day twistout. Decided to try the all out fro look. Inspired by my style/hair icon Solange and my girl Valencia from Chicagolicious . I like how it turned out. Something to get used to. Not an everyday look for me but I love big hair and will rock this look every once in a while. It’s just like getting dressed. I have to feel a certain way to wear my hair a certain way. Also, I think the big hair compliments the outfit by giving it a little edge.

Sweater: Old Navy (old)

Skirt: Random (Marshall’s)

Shoes: Random (???very old)

Jewelry: Random; Thrifted; Shamballa; J.Crew

Clutch: Random (???very very old)