Black n White

2 Sep

Sunday: I am finally able to wear my heels again with pain in my calf (read what happen here). It’s still a little tender to the touch but definitely feeling better. So this is what I wore to church today. Not that I was trying to get the last of the white in before Labor Day, but this is just what I came up with today. And if you know me and fashion, you already know that I don’t follow any “fashion rules”. I will definitely wear white after Labor Day, if I feel like it. Anyway, I love the combo of all black and white. There’s something about it that just always looks chic and classic. I purchased this skirt a few months ago because I own many pencil skirts but none in white. The sweater is about 3 yrs old, a purchase that I also bought in 2 other colors but maybe a different motif. The shoes are super old. Which I also bought in two other colors (one of which seen here). Maybe I’ll wear the fushia ones next year since I’ve hadn’t been inspired to wear them in last 5-6 yrs since I purchased them. The last and only time I’ve ever worn these ones was back when I used to go to clubs and this drunk jerk (say that 3x fast, haha )spilled his beer on my feet. You know I was heated! How dare he spill something on my white shoes and act like it wasn’t a big deal. It mostly spilled on my toes so the rest of the shoe came out spot-free which I was happy about especially since they were brand new and most of all, they are fabric material and not leather which could have been wiped clean. I know, it’s my fault for wearing white to the club. So what! Anyway, I just loved how this combo of black/white came together. Hair Update: 3rd day twistout. Decided to try the all out fro look. Inspired by my style/hair icon Solange and my girl Valencia from Chicagolicious . I like how it turned out. Something to get used to. Not an everyday look for me but I love big hair and will rock this look every once in a while. It’s just like getting dressed. I have to feel a certain way to wear my hair a certain way. Also, I think the big hair compliments the outfit by giving it a little edge.

Sweater: Old Navy (old)

Skirt: Random (Marshall’s)

Shoes: Random (???very old)

Jewelry: Random; Thrifted; Shamballa; J.Crew

Clutch: Random (???very very old)

2 Responses to “Black n White”

  1. Kerissa September 3, 2012 at 12:14 #

    I don’t follow any fashion rules either. I live in South Florida and will be wearing open toed shoes until..well forever with colored tights for that brief cold week in February. I love this black and white outfit. Very appropriate for many occasions. Sometimes the best looks are the old goodies in our closet. In addition to being on the hunt for a white blazer, I now NEED a white pencil skirt. The hair is fantastic! I’m still trying to figure out a twist or braid out on this 10XXXzzz thick head of coils I have. Nothing comes out right 😦

    • 1ststatestyle September 7, 2012 at 13:31 #

      No really method to the twist. Well, not for me anyway. Just twist randomly, let dry (my hair usually takes a full day to dry naturally is soaking wet) and let them out, fluff, shake n go. That’s thing I’m loving about natural hair. It doesn’t need to be all neat. Not to me anyway. I always liked an effortless, messy do, even with relaxed hair.

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