Fashion’s Night Out 2012

7 Sep

Thursday: For those of you who don’t know, last night was the official “Fashion’s Night Out”. This is a big event celebrated across the U.S. to celebrate fashion and the kickoff to New York Fashion Week. The main events are in Manhattan but other cities do their own little thing. Well, here in lil ‘ole D-ware, not known for fashion, at all, we had an event at The Christiana Mall. The event consisted of several stores and restaurants in the mall participating by having music (live DJs), cocktails, special deals, etc. in their stores. One of the special guests was Melissa Gorga (I guess that’s her name; I don’t watch, from the New Jersey housewives show. Also, Dana Herbert was there. He is the local Delaware baker that won the reality show “The Next Great Baker” a year or so ago. His business is called Desserts by Dana. I’ve never had anything from him but I here they are very good. And one of those compliments was from someone who bakes well themselves. Note to self: sample some of Dana’s creations! Anyway, we had a blast. Well, we always have fun shopping but the vibe was different with the events going on. We danced. Yeah, we did the Wobble outside the courtyard at Macy’s. As were neared the corner, we heard the music and I knew I would see my sistahs out on the floor. Lo and behold, we turned the corner and there they were. So we just joined right in. Even though it took me a minute to remember the steps, I finally got my groove and we wobbled as a mall of onlookers watched. The night ended at Brio Tuscan Restaurant with mushroom ravioli in the best cream sauce ever, and chopped salad. All while listening to their live DJ and watching the ladies get their party on. Sidebar: Why is it that women are always the ones having all the fun while the men just sit around looking crazy? I love that us women are so confident and bold to just let go and have fun whenever and wherever! P.S.: My maxiskirt is the one I’ve been stalking for several months now just waiting for the price to go down to what I wanted to pay. As usual, I waited as they only had 1 size xs and 2 size smalls. It too forever! But finally, it did and still had 2 left. Yay, for me. Patience paid off again. I’m getting pretty good at this patience thing when it comes to fashion. I was thinking about going to buy the other one, if it’s still there, and dying it. Retail $178; Marshalls original price $80; final sale price $15. So anyway, next year I plan to celebrate this event in NYC. We’ll c. Have a good weekend. God Bless!

Skirt: BCBG (Marshall’s)

Chambray Shirt: A.N.A. (JCP)

Necklace: Worthington (JCP-old)

Bag: Old Navy (old)



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