Extra Long

9 Sep

Sunday: Ok, I did just what I don’t like to see done. I wore these palazzo pants waaayy too long. I like my pants long but I don’t like when women wear pants that drag the ground. So I did just that today. Well, I purchased these pants well over a year ago and tried them on once they came  but then they have been stuffed in my closet ever since. So since the weather is about to cool down again, I decided I should at least get a wear out of them this year. But I didn’t realize or probably just forgot how long they actually were. Even in the house I didn’t realize they were this long! I chose a pair of higher heels so they wouldn’t drag so much and when I walked they actually flowed enough that I didn’t step on them and trip. But just still they really are just too long. Maybe I could of worn an even higher heel. I probably should of pulled out a pair of my highest platform shoes that would of given me just enough height to raise up these hemlines more. I guess the next time I’ll have to do one of those pairs of shoes and see how they work or take them to get tailored (if there is a next time for these pants; probably not). Anyway, I broke on of my own rules. Shame on me! Anyways, since the pants have their own drama, the extra wide legs and vibrant blue color, I decided to tone down the outfit with a simple fitted black tank. Slim, fitted on the top, loose and wide on the bottom (a good fashion rule to follow). I thought the leopard print hat was a nice touch and goes well with the colors of the blue/black. And since I wore a statement necklace (which always works with a basic tank or tee), I came the earrings small. When you wear a statement necklace, keep the earrings simple and vice versa. That’s not a “rule” but most of the time it works better this way. But like I always say, it’s o.k. to do your own. Whatever makes you feel good regardless of what anyone else thinks. Be bold. Be confident. Do you! Thanks for reading and your kind comments! God Bless!

Tank: H&M (old)

Pants: Asos (old)

Hat: Bongo (Gifted from my mom)

Necklace: Jessica Simpson (gift)

Bangles: Random (old)

Watch: M.Kors (old)

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