Proud Mom

9 Sep

Sunday: I wore this to go to Javar’s season opener. It was actually hotter outside than I thought it would be today so I wore this instead of the jeans that I had planned to wear to the game. But since all of the games ran late, Javar’s game that was supposed to start at 5pm didn’t actually start until closer to 6pm. So since the game started later, the game ran later which meant the sun went down and the wind started blowing (they play close to the river so it’s always cooler than inland) and it got chilly. But if you know me, you know I am always prepared with stuff in my car. Sometimes too much stuff in my car (if you ask my family). My son was a beast today on the field! I mean, he always plays well but I’m just gonna brag a little today. I’m not usually one to brag about anything. I’m a modest person and so are my husband and children. We are just blessed that God has given us certain talents and abilities so people will tell you I never brag or boast on anything.

Anyways, Javar had an excellent game! He is usually a defensive/lineman player but this year they actually have a play where he is a receiver. My son is always one of, if not the tallest kid on the field with long arms and can jump over top all the others. Well, he did just that today. He caught two passes and ran for some yardage. Not only did he do his thing on those plays, he did his thing on defense end too. All the while some little chic was behind me yelling for him the whole time (“as I give her the side eye”).  Later, she approached him as he came off the field and made sure she got a response out of him as he tried to ignore her and she let him know that she had been yelling/cheering for him the whole time even though she has to cheer for her own team tomorrow (she is a freshman in high school). He told me that she used to like him last year (um hum, is that right?). Ok, I digress.

So this outfit was just thrown together literally as I rushed home for church to go to the f-ball games. The shirt is really old. I just never wore it as usual. It actually goes into the  theme of my current obsession with deconstructed/paint splattered, etc. But this denim shirt has the effect of being splattered with bleach. I could actually DIY one myself but I already had this one. Maybe I’ll do a long sleeve one myself. It came with a brown, braided belt but i opted to wear it open like a vest instead. The booties are only a couple months old but I have been wearing them non-stop. They just go with everything and their comfy and easy to wear. I don’t think I’ve ever worn any one pair of shoes or boots this much before. I usually don’t do the favorite shoe or piece of clothing thing because I never get attached to one thing. But these boots have taken over my life. I think they are a perfect Summer/Fall staple to wear with dresses, skirts and shorts. And now the hat! I love hats and have not been able to wear any of my hats all Summer since going natural and not straightening my hair. My hair is just too thick and puff to pull of the hat thing. I see some naturals wear their hats sitting off the back of their heads but that’s not my style. I like my hat to sit low over my eyes. So after twisting up my hair the other day, I realized that I could pin the twists up, let my bang out and put on a hat I was ecstatic. So as you see couldn’t resist but to wear a hat twice in one day. Now that I know what to do with this natural hair in order to wear my hats, you will be seeing me in them alot more. Sorry for talking so much but I like to put down what I feel or am thinking and give you details on my outfit and why/where I wore it to. I like to read what’s going on with the blogger and why they chose their outfit. It’s boring just to see outfit posts without any dialog all the time. I guess for a fashion blogger  who actually wears the outfits and not just put on the clothes for the pictures, we have more to say. To each his own. Do you! Well, the end to another weekend. Hope you had a good one. Good Bless!

Tank: H&M (old)

Denim Shirt: Random (BCF??)

Cutoff Shorts: Levis 501 (Marshalls)

Belt: Vintage YSL

Booties: Old Navy (current)

Jewelry: Random; Shamballa; Myrtle Beach

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