Preppy Girl

16 Sep

Sunday: Church outfit. Trying to get in the last of my Summer pieces before it gets too cold. I bought this skirt a couple of years ago. Just dug it from the back of my closet and popped the tags. Hence the wrinkles that didn’t want to come. The lightweight knit sweater that I had envisioned wearing with it didn’t go over so well so this button down was a last minute decision. I actually like how the shirt makes this look more preppy. A version of the khaki pants and plaid button down, but with a skirt. The colors also keep with the preppy look. I added the pink headband and pink lips to make the pink in the shirt pop more. The shoes are the heel version of a classic loafer. I haven’t worn them in many years, only the 2nd time since I bought them about 4 years ago. And now I remember why. They are not comfortable. Sometimes it’s just the construction of the shoe that makes it uncomfortable. This are definitely not walking shoes. They were ok for today, standing a little and then sitting down. I probably won’t wear them for another 4yrs.. Down the drain for that price per wear figure that some people use. I know that hardly ever applies to me and I don’t try to follow it. The jacket was worn for the morning chill in the air but also compliments the outfit well. So there you have it, today’s outfit. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the upcoming week. God Bless!

Denim Blazer: GAP (old)

Shirt: Hollister (old)

Skirt: M.Kors (old)

Shoes: M.Kors (very old)

Jewelry: Random; Shamballa; J.Crew

Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace: Thrifted


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