Paint Splattered Khakis

6 Oct

Friday: So my love for all things splattered with paint continues. Actually, these are the pants that started my obsession about 3-4yrs ago. Everyone owns or should own a pair of khakis. They are a staple piece in the American wardrobe for both males and females. But these are a little different than your average pair. First of all, I like that they are loose and baggy. More of a boyfriend style. Then you have the paint splatters which take them to another level. I loved the fit of these so much that I bought them in a few different colors. When GAP made these, they also had out some comfy, slouchy, loose fit trouser khakis too. Love them! Like these, I haven’t worn them in a couple years but maybe if we get a few more warmer days they will make an appearance before the weather gets too cold. In the past, I’ve worn this with brogues but decided to dress them up a little with these color block sandals I found a few months back. Just as I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to wear them this year, the weather worked it out for me. These shoes also came in a bright orange and tan version which I hope to find on a clearance rack somewhere. Anywho, just a basic white tee, some accessories and a headscarf to complete the look. Hair Update: Not really loving this straightened hair thing too much. It’s too much work due to frizzy ends and the need to use a flatiron more than I like and more than I did when I was relaxed. Too much heat=no good! So you will probably see my natural locks back in upcoming posts. P.S.: I have been enjoying being able to wear my hats with my hair coming out the sides/back (natural hair is too thick to have hat rest all the way down on my head properly). Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend! God Bless!

Tee: Arizona Favorite Tee (JCP)

Pants: GAP (old)

Belt: M. Kors (Ross’-old)

Shoes: Nine West

Headscarf: Givenchy

Necklace: Thrifted

Jewelry: Random; Shamballa; Myrtle Beach-leather name bracelet

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