River Walk

6 Oct

Saturday: White button down and skinny jeans. Nothing fancy. I just wanted to keep the outfit simple and let the silver wedge sneakers be the star of the show. The button down I bought 3 sizes too big so that I can wear it boyfriend style (oversized, big and slouchy). A white button down is another one of staple wardrobe essentials that every man, women and child should own. Not only a white one, but several others in different colors and patterns. They just go with everything. From jeans to shorts to slacks to pencil skirts, the options are endless. So as you may or may not know, these style of wedge sneakers are a trend right now. I wore a different pair and talked about them in another post here. I like that the silver/grey combination of these are a neutral and can be worn with many different colors. I also like the velcro straps and lace up together. Most have either one or the either. And the price on these were right. This was just another opportunity to wear a cap while my hair is straightened. This cap, along with a few others, were given to my by my youngest. As he has outgrown them, he wanted me to have them since he knows how much I love a hat. I already own a few baseball caps but now my collection has grown thanks to his generosity. I guess all of my fussing about daddy buying him those expensive $25/$30 fitted caps at such a young age, definitely fell on deaf ears but it has worked out in the end because they will get further wear as part of my collection (esp. since Javar hardly ever wore them). Do you wear hand-me-downs from your hubby or kids? God Bless!

Shirt: Arizona (JCP)

Jeans: Zara

Sneakers: N.Y.L.A. (Marshall’s)

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