14 Oct

Sunday: I decided to dress this skirt down by wearing a sweatshirt and some booties with it. It is actually supposed to be a “sexy” skirt due to the fit and also the side zipper which zips up pretty high to reveal some thigh. So you all know me when it comes to the “sexy” factor. That’s just not me. I really liked the color and fit of the skirt but wanted to make it more quirky and sporty. Also, I was going to church and that’s just not appropriate. Maybe next time I might just unzip it for photos sake. I just might wear it with a more “sexy” shoe, a pointy toe pump, the next time too. Anyway, I like how the colors in the sweatshirt play off the color of the skirt. The skirt is actually a more vibrant salmon orange color but the photos don’t show that well.  I love how to unexpected pieces just go well together when styled right. In thought, one wouldn’t think that a sweatshirt would go with a pencil skirt but juxtaposition just somehow works. I love to mix things up that way. It just makes for a more interesting outfit. As for the background scenery, Javar insisted on getting the drive-thru in the photos. I don’t know why, but I try not to question the photographer’s vision (ha ha). I let him do his thing because one day he will tire of being my photographer and I will have to resort to the good ‘ole tripod (ugh!). Hope you enjoyed your weekend, mine was too short! God Bless!

Sweatshirt: OBEY (UO)

Skirt: Worthington (JCP)

Booties: T.Burch (toryburch.com)

Necklace: JCP

Clutch: ? (very old)

Sunglasses: American Eagle (Marshall’s)


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