6 Nov

Friday: I wore this to a continuing education class. It’s definitely getting into the layering type of weather. My initial plan was to wear my new MK moccasins that my work family gave me for my b-day a few wks ago (along with some other things that I’ll show you later) but when I put them on with these pants, I didn’t like the look so I grabbed these clogs as a last minute pick (I’ll shoot for the moccasins another time). Anyways, these clogs have been in my closet for a few years but I only actually worn them maybe one or two times. No real reason for the lack of wear it just happens that way some times. I own a few different pairs of clogs that I’ve collected over the years but these are my favs! They remind me of my favorite decade, the 70s, so of course I’m a fan. So nothing else special about the outfit but I love these colors together. That’s it for now, better late than never. Thanks for reading. God Bless!

Sweatshirt: JCP

Gingham Shirt: H&M

Jeans: MK (very old)

Clogs: Tory Burch (old)

Necklace: Jessica Simpson (gifted)

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