Fit N Flare Trench

9 Dec


Sunday: What a dreary, rainy, miserable day! I wanted to wear something that was no-fuss and would keep me dry. A good patent leather shoe or boot is always perfect for a rainy/snowy day. You can look stylish and put together all while staying dry. This is one of a few pairs of my go-to wet weather footwear pieces. I love a colored pair of trousers and this maroon/burgundy/ or whatever else they are now calling this color, is the color of the season. I wanted to keep the look basic and classic (besides the booties of course), so I wore this pinstripe tie neck button down shirt. I like how the blue and maroon contrast each other but still work well together. An unexpected pairing. I complain about the rain but it was a perfect day for me to pull out my fit n flare trench coat that I thrifted almost 2 yrs ago. It’s not very heavy and the weather has to be just right in order to wear it without being either too hot or too cold. Actually I kind of forgot that I had it so I was excited to finally wear it for the 1st time. I like the double breast buttons of a classic trench(sorta/kinda) with the flared skirt which isn’t commonly seen in a trench. I don’t know if it’s vintage or not but it comes across as vintage to me mainly because of the cut. Very reminiscent of the 50s/60s cinched waist/flared skirt silhouette. Hair Update:Still working this natural thing. Getting better with maintenance and styling. Been wanting  to color the front. I need a change. Just me getting bored with the same look. I thought that I would never be able to color my hair again (about 7 yrs ago I found out I was highly allergic to hair dye, later, after some research I speculated/assumed it was due to one particular ingredient (I know, I should still have an allergy test done to 100% sure, but anyway, I’ll just stick to the skin test that I will do prior to using the dye for now). So after long internet research of many different brands , I found something that I could use. I also found out that the ingredient that I’m allergic to is mainly found in darker dyes, which I was doing for a time back then. I have been light before and now realize that I didn’t have any reactions then. So I found that Clairol has many products that don’t contain the p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) that I am allergic to (and many many other people too), so I gave one a try. Not the results I expected but love it anyway. Maybe the next time I’ll get it the way I want it. Anyway, hope you had a good weekend! Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Coat: Thrifted

Top: GAP (old)

Trousers: Avery (Marshall’s)

Booties: Impo? (very old)

Cardigan: Old Navy (old)


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