17 Dec


Saturday: Happy Monday! Decided to pull out this “onesie” that I thrifted almost 2 yrs ago. According to the fashion trend, the “onesie” is the up and coming piece. I always loved a “no-brainer”, one piece that takes no thought and is easy dressing. For instance, a dress. There is no long thought process when wearing a dress. No need to have to decide how to style it with other pieces. Just throw it on, accessorize and go. Well, the same goes for the onesie. Or jumpsuit, if you wanna call it that. To me, it’s definitely a onesie. I remember dressing my kids in such one piece outfits. They were always so easy and cute! From denim ones to cotton to fleece. The only issue was having to completely (or so it feels like) undressing to use the bathroom. Ok, TMI, I know, but it’s true. Anyways, I own a few of these such one-piecers. I like it when something that I purchased just because I like it, becomes a “new” trend, again! It saves me from having to go out and buy it or having to buy one that is like the one everyone else is wearing. I thought it was a good, easy outfit for some Saturday errands. Javar thought I looked like “that lady from Three’s Company” (Mrs. Roper, I assume), but I’m ok with that because I love her sense of style! I actually love a good caftan! Well, hope you had a good weekend! God Bless!

Onesie: Anne Klein II (Thrifted)

Booties: Old Navy

Bracelets: Thrifted; BCBG; Random


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