Deep Plum and High Tops

28 Dec


Friday: Yes, I am wearing sneakers today! A no-heel type of day due to plans to hand out with my sis and the nephews. Didn’t know exactly what we were gonna do so I decided to just go with the sneaks. The sweatshirt is the high/low sweatshirt done by Proenza Schouler for the Target/Neiman Marcus collabo. If you don’t know, Neiman Marcus and Target collaborated on some limited edition designer pieces that are being sold at Target. They range from everything from clothing to housewears to bicycles, etc. As far as the clothing goes, this is the only piece that caught my eye. The artwork on the sweatshirt isn’t anything to marvelous but since I have a slight obsession for sweatshirts right now, I had to have it. But not at its regular price, it was actually 50% off at this time so it became more attractive to me. The deep plum pants were a good compliment to the colors in the shirt. Plus since the sw is more oversized, the skinny jean balances it out. And of course I had to pull out my fitted which I can usually no longer wear with my thick natural hair but also just goes with the laid back vibe of outfit. Anyways, had a great day. We went bowling and I won both games! Which didn’t make my nephew AJ too happy. He’s very competition and is one of those types of males who don’t like losing, especially getting beat by a girl! Have a great weekend and be safe (we’re supposed to get 2-4 in of snow here in the Northeast)! God Bless!

Sweatshirt: Proenza Schouler for Target/Neiman Marcus

Jeans: Bisou Bisou (JCP)

Sneakers: Call It Spring (An Aldo brand sold @ JCP)

Short Necklace: Boscov’s; Long “Rosary” Necklace: Loehmann’s-very old


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