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Emerald City

27 Jan

IMG_5543 IMG_5553 IMG_5555 IMG_5559

Sunday: Finally decided to try the dress over pants trend that has come and gone a few times. This dress attracted me because of its color. I am definitely green girl, any shade of green. This color green, emerald, happens to be Pantone’s color of the year for 2013. So since I really liked the dress, pockets and all, it is a tad too short, so I decided to wear it with pants. I wore the distressed jeans to make the ensemble more casual and laid back. And the low heeled booties just finishes the dressed down look. As for the jewelry, I usually don’t wear the matching sets together but I wanted to wear a statement necklace and a more toned down earring and these were the first ones I grabbed. What the heck, why not be matchy matchy sometimes if works. Hope you had a great weekend. Thanks for reading. God Bless!

Dress: CO (an exclusive collection by designer Janine Sudduth for UO)

Turtleneck: Old Navy

Jeans: JCP

Booties: Marc by Marc Jacobs (old)


26 Jan

IMG_5525 IMG_5533 IMG_5526 IMG_5538

Friday: If you can see it, it had actually started snowing as we were taking these photos. So if you see a little blur or artifact, that’s what it is, snow flakes. Wanted to go do some errands before things got too bad. I know they were only calling for less than 2 inches, but snow is not my thing. Don’t like anything about but was grateful it was on my day off going into the weekend. Anyway, the sweater I thrifted over a year or so ago. I know the teddy bears are  a bit crazy quirky looking but something about it I was attracted to. I love that it is oversize and comfy and very soft. Because of the neutral colors, I decided to wear a pop of color with these red booties. I like the color red but for some reason I hardly ever purchase red footwear. I had been looking for a red, low-heeled bootie and jumped right on these when I saw them in F21. They were only 1 of 2 pairs left and these just happened to be my size. They were definitely meant to go home with me! Well, enjoying what’s left of my lazy weekend indoors (my favorite). Hope you’re enjoying your weekend and staying warm. Our East Coast temps are supposed to climb above these teens/20s this coming week, woo hoo! God Bless!

Sweater: Thrifted

Jeans: Slouchy Levis (very old)

Booties: F21

Grid Locked-Part 2

20 Jan

IMG_5504 IMG_5513 IMG_5505 IMG_5519

Saturday: Disclosure: The wind today was ridiculous. As you might have noticed by my skirt doing its own thing and also my bang getting whipped. But I’m not gonna complain too much. Our weather this Winter has not been bad which has afforded me optimal conditions to take outfit pics. So today is part 2 of the grid sweaters that I picked up from F21. They actually remind me of the version that Kenzo has out. Of course, at a higher price point. But even though the ones that I bought are from F21, I think they are a very good quality. F21 does carry some pieces that have been made of higher quality fabric even though they are known as a trendy store that carries lower priced items that are inspired by the higher end designers/labels. So in addition to today’s sweater and the royal/black one I wore yesterday, I also bought the red/white one. You know how I am, when I find something I like, I tend to buy multiples. Anyways, when I found these sweaters I instantly new that I wanted to style this one, the “black/cream” one with this black/cream skirt I picked up from this past CCCS that Michelle and I went to back in October. Only thing is that once I was out in the sun I noticed that my “black/cream” sweater was actually navy/cream. Well, I didn’t fret one bit. I actually liked it more since I am fond of navy and black together in an outfit. I would have just probably worn a navy turtleneck instead of black. Have you ever had a mix up with black and navy? I’ve heard stories of people who have actually went to work with one black shoe and one navy shoe because it was dark when they got dressed and the shoes were identical, lol. See what can happen when you buy multiples, lol. Are you off tomorrow for MLK day? I am. If not, too bad for you, if so enjoy. I’ll be checking out what Michelle Obama and her new bangs are wearing for the Inauguration. God Bless!

Sweater: F21

Skirt: Worth (Thrifted)

Shoes: F21

Earrings: JCP

Grid Locked

20 Jan

IMG_5474 IMG_5479 IMG_5482 IMG_5490 IMG_5493 IMG_5495

Saturday: Wearing one of the pieces I picked up yesterday. I paired this grid print sweater (which is actually a good weight/quality piece) with these slouchy skinnies. I love the slouch (of course) and also I like how this jeans have that ombre effect of black fading down into gray. The booties I purchased a couple of years ago, don’t remember exactly when but they been sitting there waiting for the day to be worn. So today was that day. Accessory wise, I usually don’t go for statement (big/bold) earrings and a statement (big/bold) necklace, at the same time but I decided to break that rule today. Sometimes you just have to be a rebel and break some rules! Enough chatter, let me go to bed so I don’t be yawning in church tomorrow. God Bless!

Sweater: F21

Jeans: Levis Low Twist Skinny (Marshall’s)

Booties: Promiscus (BCF)-old

Tangerine and Leopard

20 Jan

IMG_5445 IMG_5452 IMG_5465 IMG_5448 IMG_5462

Friday: I wore this to go shopping for my co-workers birthday. For the most part, I am the designated shopper for everyone’s b-day in the office. I was awarded this honor because they all know that I love to shop, for clothes (hence my personal shopper side gig). And I do! Only problem is that on this trip I not only shopped for the co-worker, I also picked up a few things for myself. Don’t judge (lol). Anyways, I wanted to wear some comfy footwear and this low heeled booties fit the bill. Also, even though it is cold outside, when shopping, I don’t want to overheat so I keep everything lightweight and easy to eliminate any extra layers when it gets too hot. Ok, I know some of you are probably saying “it’s not that serious”. But for me, when I shop, it’s a big ordeal. I literally have arm loads of pieces because I pick up everything I think I may want to purchase and then start to purge after I have done a complete sweep of the entire store (sometimes twice). So I need to be comfortable in all ways. Anybody else a “shopper” like  me? I don’t know many, that’s why I usually shop by myself or with Michelle because we shop the same way. We can spend 2 hours in one store, including shopping and trying on things. Hope you have a great weekend! God Bless!

Faux Blazer/Jacket: Xhilaration! (Target)

Button Up Shirt: Old Navy

Jeans: Erin Wasson x RVCA (Marshall’s)

Leopard Bootie: Rampage (Marshall’s)

Pencils and Sticks

13 Jan

IMG_5403 IMG_5406 IMG_5413 IMG_5426

Sunday: When I saw this pencil skirt in the store it reminded of the Dolce & Gabbana dress. Even though I love an allover floral print, I love the way this one is strategically placed down the sides elongating my legs. The nude heels elongates my legs even more. Who doesn’t want their legs to look longer? When a woman wears nude colored shoes it makes the legs look as if they go on for days (even with the ankle strap which can sometimes cut the legs off). Well, the real reason why I wore nude instead of black is because I didn’t want to wear the expected. But the leg thing is the bonus! Anyways, the skirt is high waist but I chose to wear this high low sweatshirt which doesn’t show off the waist. Maybe next time I’ll wear a more fitted top to show off the waist more. Hope you had a great weekend! Mine went too fast. But anyway. God Bless!

Black Shirt: ?

Sweatshirt: Joyce Leslie

Skirt: Worthington (JCP)

Shoes: Aldo (old)

Necklace: ? (BCF)

The Glamorous Life

13 Jan

IMG_5365 IMG_5373 IMG_5384 IMG_5368 IMG_5377

Saturday: Just jeans and a sweatshirt but wanted to girlie this ensemble up a little with the maryjane-style platform heels. Was going out for a bowling outing with the church and Javar was wondering why I was wearing heels to go bowling. To which I answered, “I’m not gonna bowl in the heels (obviously). I do have to wear the bowling shoes.” Needless to say, after these pics I changed to my sneakers. Not just any old sneakers, mind you, my wedge sneakers of course! I don’t know why I let him influence me, but maybe deep down inside I really wanted to wear those sneakers anyway. God Bless!

Sweatshirt: Boscov’s

Boyfriend Jeans: A.N.A. (JCP)-old

Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger (outlet)

Shoes: MRKT (DSW)


6 Jan

IMG_5334 IMG_5330 IMG_5343 IMG_5349 IMG_5328

Sunday: Today it was all about the royal blue. Well, the color for these pants said “intense blue” on the tag. Whatever, I call this color royal. But anyways, this is what I wore to church but could’ve been easily worn to the office. Well, not my office because I am soooo lucky to get to wear lovely scrubs everyday! But for those of you who work in an office environment, you no longer have to just wear the plain, boring ensemble known as the suit (skirt or pants). Separates are a great way to stay office appropriate but still express your sense of style. Long gone are those days of the matchy-matchy “suit”. Mix it up. You can still wear those pieces, but add a fun printed, colorful shirt instead of that basic white,blue or whatever neutral button down. Split up those matching pieces and wear them with other pieces. Throw on a colorful shoe! Play around with different pieces. Have fun! We women don’t have to try to conform with the male or society standards of what a woman should wear or look like in the office. We have made great advancements in the workplace. I know, we still don’t make as much as our male counterparts, but we don’t have to look like them in their suits to get the same pay. Be the beautiful women that God made us to be. Feminine and strong! Show society that we can still hold it down in the office and look awesome while doing it! Ok, I’ll stop burning my bra now, lol! But just want to encourage my sisters that you can look good and still be successful in everything that we put our minds to! So I challenge you for 2013 to always put your best foot forward in your style, no matter what the situation. When you look good, you feel good and others see that confidence and treat you with the respect you deserve. Just notice that the next time you’re out somewhere,  the mall, the market, wherever and watch the difference in the way people treat you when your not dressed (say sweats) and when you’re more put together. Enjoy your week! This will be my 1st week back to work since before Christmas, ugg! But looking forward to a great and prosperous 2013! A year of Great Grace! God Bless!

Blazer: She Said…??? (JCP)- old

Shirt: GAP

Pants: Worthington (JCP)

Shoes: Jessica Simpson (DSW)

Necklace: Boscovs

Bracelets: Thrifted; TJ Maxx; Shamballa

Clutch: TJ Maxx (old)

Thin Mint

6 Jan

IMG_5299 IMG_5304 IMG_5318 IMG_5308 IMG_5312 IMG_5302

Saturday: Another hat day! I think this may be the 1st time I’ve had a chance to wear this vintage hat I picked up some time ago but don’t remember where from. Anyways, I thought it would work well with these mint cords and black oversized sweater. I added the leopard print booties to make the outfit a bit more interesting. I love how a great shoe can make the most basic outfit a little more special and interesting. Hope you had a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by! God Bless!

Sweater: Mens’ Department (Thrifted)

Skinny Corduroy Pants: Old Navy

Booties: Diba (DSW)

Necklace: Sex in the City/Noir?? (HSN)-very old

Bracelets: BCBG; TJ Maxx; Shamballa

Vintage YSL

3 Jan

IMG_5176 IMG_5215 IMG_5185 IMG_5216

Sunday: I almost forgot about these pics. I guess bc I wasn’t feeling the way this look turned out.  I think I would of liked it better if I could of went bare-legged but I surrendered to the tights since it was rather cold. I was determined to finally wear this vintage YSL suit that I got from the very 1st time Michelle and I did the CCCS (“shopping for a cause”). I really like the structure of the jacket. A bit of military with a peplum in the back. I really could of had the skirt altered to fit better but sometimes I feel that when a vintage piece is altered it somehow takes away from the authenticity. Which is probably not correct but to me a piece is more special to me when it is worn exactly as the former owner once wore it. But that’s just me. I believe this suit is actually from the 1950s according to my research. For Yves Saint Laurent, their tags/labeling is one way of telling the age of the piece. Anywho, I wanted to take away the normal way one would wear a suit and instead of a button down blouse, I opted for this color blocked thin knit and these patent booties. And since the neckline of the knit was a detail of its own, instead of a statement necklace, I went for the statement earrings. The hair was an attempt of a textured braid out on straightened hair. Yeah, not so good, but like when things a imperfect, messy and effortless, so to speak.  Well, thanks for reading! God Bless!

Suit: Vintage YSL

Sweater: I Heart Ronson (JCP)

Booties: YSL (old)

Earrings: Boscov’s