6 Jan

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Sunday: Today it was all about the royal blue. Well, the color for these pants said “intense blue” on the tag. Whatever, I call this color royal. But anyways, this is what I wore to church but could’ve been easily worn to the office. Well, not my office because I am soooo lucky to get to wear lovely scrubs everyday! But for those of you who work in an office environment, you no longer have to just wear the plain, boring ensemble known as the suit (skirt or pants). Separates are a great way to stay office appropriate but still express your sense of style. Long gone are those days of the matchy-matchy “suit”. Mix it up. You can still wear those pieces, but add a fun printed, colorful shirt instead of that basic white,blue or whatever neutral button down. Split up those matching pieces and wear them with other pieces. Throw on a colorful shoe! Play around with different pieces. Have fun! We women don’t have to try to conform with the male or society standards of what a woman should wear or look like in the office. We have made great advancements in the workplace. I know, we still don’t make as much as our male counterparts, but we don’t have to look like them in their suits to get the same pay. Be the beautiful women that God made us to be. Feminine and strong! Show society that we can still hold it down in the office and look awesome while doing it! Ok, I’ll stop burning my bra now, lol! But just want to encourage my sisters that you can look good and still be successful in everything that we put our minds to! So I challenge you for 2013 to always put your best foot forward in your style, no matter what the situation. When you look good, you feel good and others see that confidence and treat you with the respect you deserve. Just notice that the next time you’re out somewhere,  the mall, the market, wherever and watch the difference in the way people treat you when your not dressed (say sweats) and when you’re more put together. Enjoy your week! This will be my 1st week back to work since before Christmas, ugg! But looking forward to a great and prosperous 2013! A year of Great Grace! God Bless!

Blazer: She Said…??? (JCP)- old

Shirt: GAP

Pants: Worthington (JCP)

Shoes: Jessica Simpson (DSW)

Necklace: Boscovs

Bracelets: Thrifted; TJ Maxx; Shamballa

Clutch: TJ Maxx (old)


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