26 Jan

IMG_5525 IMG_5533 IMG_5526 IMG_5538

Friday: If you can see it, it had actually started snowing as we were taking these photos. So if you see a little blur or artifact, that’s what it is, snow flakes. Wanted to go do some errands before things got too bad. I know they were only calling for less than 2 inches, but snow is not my thing. Don’t like anything about but was grateful it was on my day off going into the weekend. Anyway, the sweater I thrifted over a year or so ago. I know the teddy bears are  a bit crazy quirky looking but something about it I was attracted to. I love that it is oversize and comfy and very soft. Because of the neutral colors, I decided to wear a pop of color with these red booties. I like the color red but for some reason I hardly ever purchase red footwear. I had been looking for a red, low-heeled bootie and jumped right on these when I saw them in F21. They were only 1 of 2 pairs left and these just happened to be my size. They were definitely meant to go home with me! Well, enjoying what’s left of my lazy weekend indoors (my favorite). Hope you’re enjoying your weekend and staying warm. Our East Coast temps are supposed to climb above these teens/20s this coming week, woo hoo! God Bless!

Sweater: Thrifted

Jeans: Slouchy Levis (very old)

Booties: F21


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