Blocking Brights

10 Feb

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Sunday: I love wearing full on color during the Winter. Some people believe that color is only made for the warmer days that the Spring and Summer bring. They often resort to blacks and browns and other such neutrals. Which is fine as long as you add in a pop of color. Or if you do the all black thing occasionally. But not day in and day out. I think that when you only do those dark colors, especially during the Winter, they somehow affect your overall mood and attitude. Some people tend to go thru the Winter Blues where their mood is more on the depressive side due to the colder weather and shorter days. But if you put a little color into your Winter wardrobe, it might also help uplift your spirit and mood. It has been said over and over again, you’re outside appearance has an effect on your inner feelings. I believe that to be true. When you look good, you feel good. That also goes for colors. When you wear a cheerful/bright color, it can uplift your mood. Think about it. Have you ever seen someone wearing bright/colorful clothing walking around looking down and depressed? I haven’t. I digress. I hope I inspired someone to step out of the Winter dark color box and wear some color. Anyways, I am doing the extreme with color today. Not only am I doing a vibrant green and black pencil skirt, but I also had to pair it with this color blocked sweater that not only had the green/black but also a touch of fushia.  Then I didn’t stop there, I also chose to do bright/vibrant makeup today. Overkill? No, not for me. I just do whatever my mood calls for. What do you think? Hope you had a great weekend! God Bless!

Sweater: I Heart Ronson (JCP)

Skirt: F21

Shoes: HeartSoul (BCF)

Necklaces/Earrings: Vintage


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