Shades of Gray

17 Feb

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Sunday: I decided that I better start getting some wear out of my “exclusively Winter” clothing. Meaning, anything that should only be worn during the Winter months and cannot really transition to Spring or Summer. That would be any wool, cashmere, heavy knits, corduroy or heavy leathers, like this skirt. Anything else can pretty much be worn in the Spring or Summer (I’m speaking in terms of the East Coast seasons). So I thought I would wear this vintage leather that I thrifted probably well over a year or so ago. Thrifting is a great way to find some good leather pieces without spending an arm and a leg on them. The only downfall about thrifting them is sometimes it may cost you more to have them cleaned then what you paid for it. Reason being because most dry cleaners don’t clean leather, you have to go to one that specifically cleans leathers and suedes. But if you love the piece, it’s definitely worth the investment because it will last you forever and leather is always timeless. Anyway, I wanted to make the outfit more relaxed so I paired the skirt with this knit sweater. Along with the booties (which I realized I had never worn until now-I just forget until an outfit option comes to mind), it just makes the whole ensemble more casual. You could also dress it up with a blouse and pumps and wear it to the office. That’s what’s so great about owning a leather skirt, it’s versatile. Sidebar: the wind was ridiculous today! At times we even had some flurries coming down. Ugg, I’m so tired of Winter! So looking forward to Spring. Hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks for visiting! God Bless! P.S.: Extra 50% off sale items @ Forever 21. Most stores are doing an extra % off sale items. Get those pieces that you passed up @ regular price and/or just get some pieces to build your wardrobe for next Fall/Winter.

Sweater: F21

Wilson’s Leather Skirt: Vintage

Booties: ?? (can’t remember right now but very old)

Gloves: UO

Bracelets: BCBG, Shamballa, thrifted

Necklace: BCF

Earrings: ?? (Macys)-very old


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