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Seasonal Mix

26 Mar

IMG_6216 IMG_6221 IMG_6227 IMG_6217 IMG_6235 IMG_6234

Sunday: Decided to wear one of favorite pair of jeans today. I usually don’t have favorite pieces but out of all of my pairs of jeans, my slouchy, drop crotch pairs are my favorites. Nothing unusual or too interesting in this outfit just a casual look. The headscarf I decided to do more for function since I’m still wearing a weeks old hairstyle and am not planning to was until later that night. But even though it’s more for function, it still adds a little something to my overall look while adding some little pops of color. The shoes a purchased a few months ago and couldn’t wait to take them out for a spin. I had been looking for the perfect pair of white shoes (in a good price range) and this fit the bill. They also came in black too but I decided to go with a different brand but with a similar style in the black. Starting to incorporate my warmer weather pieces in with these Winter pieces that we East Coasters still have to wear. Yeah it’s “Spring” but we did just get some snow yesterday. Uggh! I’m just so ready for Spring! How about you? It  looks like the weekend is gonna be pretty nice! We’ll see! God Bless!

Sweater: F21

Jeans: H&M (old)

Shoes “Garbo”:

All That Glitters

26 Mar

IMG_6142 IMG_6151 IMG_6145 IMG_6165

Saturday: Since these trousers are a bit shiny and could be considered more of a dressy piece, I decided to dress them down. I like the graphic neckline of this sweater that’s what attracted me to it. And since the sweater doesn’t really “go with” the trousers, I thought that I would pair them together. I like that the sweater is so casual and the trousers are not. I also added the heeled desert booties to stay within the casual flow. With pieces like these, you can make several outfits out of them. That’s how you get plenty of wear and your monies worth out of pieces. So don’t be afraid to spend a little more on something you really love because most likely it can be worn with several different pieces to create other outfits. These pieces were inexpensive but I could get a few different outfits from them anyways. The sweater could be worn with a pair of jeans, skinny, boyfriend or any other style. It could also be paired with a pencil skirt or some other type of trousers. The trousers can be worn with a tee and a blazer, a button down shirt, a blouse and completed with a blazer/jacket. Footwear  could be a pair of pointy toe pumps, a heeled sandal, a wedge, a tie up oxford or any other type of heels. The options are endless! Thanks for reading. God Bless!

Sweater: MNG by Mango (JCP)

Trousers: F21

Desert Booties: Tory Burch (very old)

Essentially Black and White

17 Mar

IMG_5997 IMG_6004 IMG_6012 IMG_6000 IMG_6022 IMG_6013

Sunday: You’ll never go wrong when you wear the classic black and white ensemble. It’s easy and requires no thought or styling skills as far as color is concerned. These wool trousers I picked up a couple a years ago and I kind of forgot that I had them as they lie sandwiched in between several other pairs of slacks/trousers that I really don’t wear in what is known as an overcrowded/overstuffed closet. And since I’m on a mission to try to wear a piece that I’ve never worn from my wardrobe, every time get dressed, these fit into that category. Black trousers are an essential in any woman’s wardrobe. Whether they are wool or any other seasonless fabric, you should own a pair or two. They can be a good option for a work outfit instead of the basic black suit. With a blouse and a jacket, these trousers are very work appropriate (if you work in the corporate environment). I had few options for tops when I decided to wear these trousers. The classic white button down, a printed blouse or a sweater. I chose the sweater because I wanted to have a more relaxed/dressed down feel. My only issue is the fit of these pants. I know this is how most women like their trousers to fit. Butt hugging. But as for me, I prefer a more loose, relaxed cut. But I guess I felt inclined to purchase these with this fit at the time, or they didn’t have the next size up (probably the latter, lol). Which I don’t quite understand that because 2 years ago I was about 5lbs heavier than I am so I can’t even imagine how they fit then and how I even left the store with them. What I’m thinking, it was one of those rare times when the hubby and I were out together and I was doing a little shopping, being rushed after being in the store for quite some time. I probably just grabbed them without trying them on. Anywho, it is what it is and at least I can say I did wear them at least 1x if I happen to gain a few pounds and not get back into them again. Oh yeah, since I kept everything black and white, I added a little interest with the footwear as you can see the silver cap toe peeking from under the bottom of my pants. I love the long length of the pants but I might and probably should have had them tailored up a little to reveal more boot and not make it so hard to choose a shoe/boot to wear that has a high enough heel as to not let the hem drag the ground. Well, even though black and white is a trend this season, it really isn’t a trend, it’s more of a classic color combo that has been around forever and will always be chic. So have you tried any of the new trends for the season yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Step out of your box of your regular routine looks and have some fun with fashion. Hope you had a good weekend. God Bless!

P.S.: Since everything was black and white, I decided to wear the color on my face with shades of purple/pink. And my clutch, which I hardly ever seem to remember to wear in my photos.

Sweater: F21

Trousers: D&G (Century 21)

Booties: Jessica Simpson


10 Mar

IMG_5963 IMG_5987 IMG_5984 IMG_5957 IMG_5975 IMG_5990

Sunday: Decided to take advantage of this nice day and go barelegged. This weekend has really given me a little Spring fever and has me so ready to start wearing lightweight fabrics and bare legs and open toe shoes. But I know, it’s only the beginning of March and we East Coasters have many more chances of getting a full blown Winter storm. Actually, some just had a little snow a few days ago. Anyway, this outfit is a combination of trying to get the last wears out of my winter clothes (the wool skirt and the sweater), but also going barelegged while wearing these booties that I’ve had for a few years and never was inspired enough to wear until today. Anyways, that’s today’s ensemble. Hope you had a great weekend. God Bless!

Cropped Sweater: New York and Company

Skirt: Thrifted

Booties: M.Kors

Windblown in Wool

3 Mar

IMG_5917 IMG_5928 IMG_5938 IMG_5914 IMG_5931 IMG_5919

Sunday: Let me start by saying, everyone should own a suit, especially a pantsuit. Most women and men probably already own the classic black, blue or gray suit. But why not try one with a pattern. Some people are afraid of a pattern. But in this case and most cases of a suit with a pattern, it can be treated like a neutral. Don’t be afraid to add a little color with a top, blouse or sweater like I did. The colors in this suit are black, tan and brown, which are all neutrals which means any color can go with it. If wearing a colored top is still too much for you, then try a colored shoe and/or bag. Suits can be very boring and can go too business/corporate but when you add an interesting color in a top or accessories, it can be taken to a whole other level while still remaining professional. Give the look a little bit of your personal style and personality! I also believe that anytime you wear a pointy toe pump it just gives a little bit of sexiness and/or femininity  to an outfit. I really wanted to wear these shoes without socks because it just looked better, but since it was rather chilly this a.m. I just went with it. Well, that’s the outfit for the day. Hope you enjoyed your weekend! God Bless!

Wool Suit: Vintage

Sweater: Poof! (Boscov’s)

Shoes: Levity (DSW)

Washed Out

2 Mar

IMG_5889 IMG_5897 IMG_5912 IMG_5906

Saturday: Classic black and white has always been a favorite color combo of mine. It’s actually one of the trends for this upcoming Spring. But instead of keeping everything strictly black and white, I decided to throw a little bit of color into the mix. The color of these cords is what I would refer to as a pale, washed out, diluted lime green. It’s more in the pastel family. I like how it goes with the black and white because it’s noticeable but still yet “fades” into the background and lets the black and white stand out. The sweater you’ve seen a couple times before in other colors here and here. I have one more in red and white that you will be seeing soon too. Don’t judge me! lol! When I find something I like and the price is right, I will most likely buy just about every color it comes in. Anywho, wanted to complete the look with my fur vest so I figured I would just layer it over my leather jacket that way I could have the vest show without having to wear a coat and cover it up. I like that it looks like I’m wearing a fur vest with leather sleeves. I also wore my black high top Converse as I didn’t want to be climbing bleachers @ Javar’s game in these heels. Yes, sometimes I do consider function over fashion (it doesn’t happen too often though, haha)! God Bless!

Jacket: J.Lo (BCF)-very old

Fur Vest: ??? (don’t remember; very old)

Pants: Rock Star Super Skinny (Old Navy)

Booties: Harajuki Lovers (very old)

Vintage Vanderbilt

2 Mar

IMG_5855 IMG_5868 IMG_5848

Thursday Night: Girls’ Night Out with some co-workers. We went to listen to a live band, “Best Kept Soul”, where one of our patients is one of the lead singers. Excellent performance! Anyways, I didn’t want to get “dressed up” and be overdressed so I figured this look would be appropriate. Something relaxed and laid back but with a little bit of an edge. The cutoffs are a pair of vintage Gloria Vanderbilts that I picked up a couple of years ago. Every time a wear a pair of vintage pants/shorts I just can’t help but wonder how in the world could all the women fit into these things. I know that we, as an American society, are definitely “larger” in size than people were 30 yrs ago, but they must’ve had the smallest waists ever! All of their jeans were super high-waisted and made to fit very snug. My main complaint is that because they are sooo high-waisted, they also are high in the back which when combined with the snug fit can make for a very flat booty look. Not the look that I am trying to achieve, lol. Especially for someone as myself who don’t naturally have a donkey or a stallion booty (ha ha, a little Atlanta Housewives language). So hence the reason why I wore this blazer to cover such pancake booty. The bonus is that the blazer pulls the look together more anyway. What is your experience with vintage pants/shorts? Enjoy the rest of the weekend! God Bless!

Boyfriend Blazer: Marshall’s or TJ Maxx (very old)

Sweater: F21

Vintage Gloria Vanderbilt Cutoffs: Retrospect Vintage South Street

Booties: ?can’t remember right now (JCP)