Washed Out

2 Mar

IMG_5889 IMG_5897 IMG_5912 IMG_5906

Saturday: Classic black and white has always been a favorite color combo of mine. It’s actually one of the trends for this upcoming Spring. But instead of keeping everything strictly black and white, I decided to throw a little bit of color into the mix. The color of these cords is what I would refer to as a pale, washed out, diluted lime green. It’s more in the pastel family. I like how it goes with the black and white because it’s noticeable but still yet “fades” into the background and lets the black and white stand out. The sweater you’ve seen a couple times before in other colors here and here. I have one more in red and white that you will be seeing soon too. Don’t judge me! lol! When I find something I like and the price is right, I will most likely buy just about every color it comes in. Anywho, wanted to complete the look with my fur vest so I figured I would just layer it over my leather jacket that way I could have the vest show without having to wear a coat and cover it up. I like that it looks like I’m wearing a fur vest with leather sleeves. I also wore my black high top Converse as I didn’t want to be climbing bleachers @ Javar’s game in these heels. Yes, sometimes I do consider function over fashion (it doesn’t happen too often though, haha)! God Bless!

Jacket: J.Lo (BCF)-very old

Fur Vest: ??? (don’t remember; very old)

Pants: Rock Star Super Skinny (Old Navy)

Booties: Harajuki Lovers (very old)

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