Windblown in Wool

3 Mar

IMG_5917 IMG_5928 IMG_5938 IMG_5914 IMG_5931 IMG_5919

Sunday: Let me start by saying, everyone should own a suit, especially a pantsuit. Most women and men probably already own the classic black, blue or gray suit. But why not try one with a pattern. Some people are afraid of a pattern. But in this case and most cases of a suit with a pattern, it can be treated like a neutral. Don’t be afraid to add a little color with a top, blouse or sweater like I did. The colors in this suit are black, tan and brown, which are all neutrals which means any color can go with it. If wearing a colored top is still too much for you, then try a colored shoe and/or bag. Suits can be very boring and can go too business/corporate but when you add an interesting color in a top or accessories, it can be taken to a whole other level while still remaining professional. Give the look a little bit of your personal style and personality! I also believe that anytime you wear a pointy toe pump it just gives a little bit of sexiness and/or femininity¬† to an outfit. I really wanted to wear these shoes without socks because it just looked better, but since it was rather chilly this a.m. I just went with it. Well, that’s the outfit for the day. Hope you enjoyed your weekend! God Bless!

Wool Suit: Vintage

Sweater: Poof! (Boscov’s)

Shoes: Levity (DSW)


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