Essentially Black and White

17 Mar

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Sunday: You’ll never go wrong when you wear the classic black and white ensemble. It’s easy and requires no thought or styling skills as far as color is concerned. These wool trousers I picked up a couple a years ago and I kind of forgot that I had them as they lie sandwiched in between several other pairs of slacks/trousers that I really don’t wear in what is known as an overcrowded/overstuffed closet. And since I’m on a mission to try to wear a piece that I’ve never worn from my wardrobe, every time get dressed, these fit into that category. Black trousers are an essential in any woman’s wardrobe. Whether they are wool or any other seasonless fabric, you should own a pair or two. They can be a good option for a work outfit instead of the basic black suit. With a blouse and a jacket, these trousers are very work appropriate (if you work in the corporate environment). I had few options for tops when I decided to wear these trousers. The classic white button down, a printed blouse or a sweater. I chose the sweater because I wanted to have a more relaxed/dressed down feel. My only issue is the fit of these pants. I know this is how most women like their trousers to fit. Butt hugging. But as for me, I prefer a more loose, relaxed cut. But I guess I felt inclined to purchase these with this fit at the time, or they didn’t have the next size up (probably the latter, lol). Which I don’t quite understand that because 2 years ago I was about 5lbs heavier than I am so I can’t even imagine how they fit then and how I even left the store with them. What I’m thinking, it was one of those rare times when the hubby and I were out together and I was doing a little shopping, being rushed after being in the store for quite some time. I probably just grabbed them without trying them on. Anywho, it is what it is and at least I can say I did wear them at least 1x if I happen to gain a few pounds and not get back into them again. Oh yeah, since I kept everything black and white, I added a little interest with the footwear as you can see the silver cap toe peeking from under the bottom of my pants. I love the long length of the pants but I might and probably should have had them tailored up a little to reveal more boot and not make it so hard to choose a shoe/boot to wear that has a high enough heel as to not let the hem drag the ground. Well, even though black and white is a trend this season, it really isn’t a trend, it’s more of a classic color combo that has been around forever and will always be chic. So have you tried any of the new trends for the season yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Step out of your box of your regular routine looks and have some fun with fashion. Hope you had a good weekend. God Bless!

P.S.: Since everything was black and white, I decided to wear the color on my face with shades of purple/pink. And my clutch, which I hardly ever seem to remember to wear in my photos.

Sweater: F21

Trousers: D&G (Century 21)

Booties: Jessica Simpson


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