The Boss

7 Apr

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Friday: A casual jeans and tee shirt ensemble. Well, not the typical t-shirt but still a t-shirt. Leather has been a trend for the past couple of seasons, but trend or not, it is always a staple. I love how it is being used in atypical ways such as added to a basic black tee. I threw on the hat because I love to wear hats but since I have been natural, my hat wearing has become almost obsolete. But I just can’t let that happen. So since my hair was in its stretched  form (naturals, you know what I’m talking about), it made it that much easier to put a hat on this hair. So “Jesus is My Boss” became my mantra for the day (and everyday for that matter). To make the outfit a bit more “special” than just your typical t-shirt and jeans, just add a pair of heels. I think that heels go with everything! In most cases, no matter what you put on, heels just takes it to another level. So when in doubt, throw on a pair of heels! Hope you all enjoyed the nice weather we’ve been having on the East Coast this weekend! God Bless!

Top: A.N.A. (JCP)

Jeans: JCP (old)

Shoes: Free People ( P.S.: they run approx. 1 size smaller than normal

Hat: New Castle Farmers’ Market

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