No Parking on the Dance Floor!

30 Apr

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Sunday: Ok, I think this is becoming a bad habit. Another late post. But anyways, here it is. Finally decided to wear my Chanel jacket I found at CCCS back in the Fall. After scoring it, I found out that it is actually vintage! Bonus! I had been wanting a classic Chanel jacket for quite some time but they were always out of my price range. Until that day in October, as I searched the racks at CCCS, there it was! Chanel! And at a price that I just couldn’t pass up. I had to have it! Even if it meant not purchasing anything else that day. But since I didn’t have much else anyway, it was a win-win situation. This would probably be the only time that I would come across a Chanel jacket that I could afford to buy without breaking the bank. So home it came! This jacket is definitely a collector’s item that is a great addition to my wardrobe. I’m going to try to wear it often (probably 2x yr, that’s often for me). But it will remain in my wardrobe for many years to come waiting to be passed down to my future granddaughter. As you can tell, the Chanel is the statement piece of the day so everything else basic. White tee and white jeans. No explanation required. Oh yeah, it’s my blogs 2 yr anniversary! When I started this blog as a way to journal my other passion fashion and the outfits that I wear. I wasn’t looking for any publicity or sponsors or anything else that most bloggers are doing (to each his/her own). Lord knows I have enough jobs, lol! I love fashion and being able to express myself thru clothing and accessories. I also love giving fashion/styling tips and advice to whoever may be reading this blog. I don’t track how many of you are actually reading my blog because that’s not my goal. But I do appreciate all who have been following my blog from the beginning and all of you who may be new readers. Thank you for taking an interest in what I have to say and do and what I wear. Hope you’re having a great week! God Bless!

P.S.: Just had a flashback of that song, “No parking on the dance floor!”, hence the title of this post, lol; who was the group that sang that? I’m not good at that stuff.

Chanel Jacket: Vintage (CCCS)

White Tee: Jennifer Lopez (Kohl’s)

Jeans: Ross (old)

Shoes: Jennifer Lopez (Kohl’s)


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