Merlot and a Bow

3 May

IMG_6666 IMG_6674 IMG_6656 IMG_6720 IMG_6695 IMG_6746

Friday: Not a usual post day but since I had to be dressed today, why not blog it! My girl Michelle has finally joined “Team Married”(Congratulations Chelle and El!) and this is what I wore to her big day. I bought this dress about 4 yrs ago and thought today was the perfect occasion to pop the tags. When I 1st came across this dress on the clearance rack (retail $300-$400; I paid $20 after it had been marked down several times), it was so vintage-like, that’s what attracted me to it. I remember it being tight when I tried it on but I couldn’t leave it in the store. Well, flash forward to today and 5lb. less and it is still tight. I’m now realizing that the dress must have been even tighter than I remember. You know I’m not usually the one to wear tight clothing so when I could hardly sit in my car and drive comfortably, it was confirmed that tight is not right (for me) lol. Ok, it was tight because it did not have a bit of spandex in the fabric for any type of give. But I still love how it looks on me. Since the dress has that vintage vibe, I wore these futuristic silver shoes to make the look more current. What do you think? Enjoy your weekend! God Bless!

Dress: Moschino Cheap and Chic (TJ Maxx)

Shoes: Zara


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