24 May

IMG_6901 IMG_6902 IMG_6905

Last Friday: I know this post is late, but here it goes anyway. I wore this suit to my church’s fashion show. The event called for an all white apparel event (with touches of color if desired). I bought this suit like 4-5 years ago when Michelle and I attended an event in NYC. It was such a great price and a classic suit that I couldn’t leave without it. At the time of purchase I didn’t have any idea when and where I would wear it to but bought it anyway. I knew that it was such a classic that no matter when I had the chance to wear it, it would never be out of style because it is so timeless. So fast forward to May 17, 2013 and I thought this was perfect opportunity to final get some wear out of it. I’m always skeptical about wearing white but since I wasn’t going to be around a bunch of grimey hand rugrats or sauces or red drinks, I felt that I would be safe. Also thought to pair these animal print shoes would be a great touch, even though you can’t really see them. Black and white, always classic and chic! Thanks for reading! Enjoy your long weekend! I will be resting but I will have a couple outfit posts for you. Be safe! God Bless!

Suit: D&G

Top: Worthington (JCP)

Shoes: Guess (Ross)




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