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Just Like the 80’s

25 Jun

IMG_7751 IMG_7746 IMG_7761 IMG_7759

Sunday: Sorry for the late post but I’m off from work this week which means I take a break from everything that “I” don’t want to do. That means, if I don’t want to cook, I don’t. If I don’t want to clean, I don’t. And so on and so forth. So even though the pics are from Sunday, I am just now “feeling like” posting them. Not that I don’t care about you, my readers, sometimes you just need to take a break with some things in order to re-energize yourself. If you don’t do it yourself, maybe you should try it. It definitely works for me! Anyways, these jeans I purchased back during the Winter time. I knew I had to have them because I had been thinking of this two-tone style of jeans that we used to wear back in the 80’s and was hoping that they would come around again like most other styles from then. They are not exactly what we used to wear (Lee jeans were the type we wore; more of street/breakdancing style), but the idea is the same. I also remembering wearing similiar versions of the two-tone jean back in the early 90’s. I had jeans with leather fronts, sequin fronts and a patchwork multi-colored suede pair. I wish I would have kept those things. That’s why I am such a clothes hoarder now. The anticipation that one day my grandchildren will want to wear the styles that I am wearing today and also some of my now vintage pieces and the pieces that will one day be vintage. Thanks for reading! God Bless!

Tank: Old Navy

Jeans: Boscov’s

Shoes: DSW

Vibrantly Tropical

16 Jun

IMG_7725 IMG_7739 IMG_7721 IMG_7731 IMG_7734 IMG_7716

Sunday: Finally decided to wear this printed pencil skirt I bought a few months back. I was drawn to the bright colors and then when I tried it on, there was no doubt in my mind that I wasn’t going purchase it. I love that it has stretch in it and hugs my curves (what little I do have, lol), in all the right places. The way the print is paneled running down the middle of the front and back of the skirt helps to elongate me (like I need any help looking taller, but what women doesn’t want to look taller and slimmer, right?). I was wearing this top the day I tried the skirt on and knew this is how I wanted to style it whenever I did wear it. This top is so versatile. It’s a very light weight material, loose and flowy how I like it, but the “leather” helps to give it more structure and edge. I literally loved how this top looked with everything I tried on that day (and bought most of it). Now let’s just see how many of those that I will actually wear this top with. Anyways, hope you had a great weekend. Over too fast for me but looking forward to getting this upcoming week over so I can start my vacay! So ready! God Bless!

Top: Worthington (JCP)

Skirt: Bisou Bisou (JCP)

Shoes: BCBG (DSW)


Odunde 2013

14 Jun

IMG_7667 IMG_7680 IMG_7661 IMG_7692 IMG_7657 IMG_7679 IMG_7689 IMG_7698

Sunday:Odunde Festival in Philly. Outdoor festivals and concerts is one of the things that I love about the Summer. People watching, eating, entertainment and shopping. So many different vendors with a variety of cool stuff to buy. My big sis and I had a great time, as we always do when we hang out for “sister time”. I bought some African fabric that I purpose to use as headwraps (you’ll see it soon on the blog). So many different ones to chose from it was hard for me to pick. I wish I could of bought more to make me a dress or something but I wasn’t feeling ambitious enough to let myself think that I would dust off my sewing machine (lazy, lol). Anyways, so many more festivals/concerts to come this Summer. Can’t wait. Pictures will go up on the blog when that time comes. Enjoy your weekend! God Bless!

My outfit:

Easy E T-shirt: F21

Cutoffs: Vintage Lee/Urban Renewal (UO)

Gladiator Sandals: Madden Girl (DSW)-very old

Borrowed from the Boy

14 Jun

IMG_7642 IMG_7644 IMG_7651 IMG_7649

Sunday: I love mixing different patterns and textures. It just makes an outfit more interesting. I chose to pair what could otherwise be a girlie/ladylike lace skirt with a more casual men’s (Javar’s) gingham button down. A loose, more relaxed fitted top goes well with a more fitted, body-skimming bottom piece. And vice versa. I kept the footwear neurtral with these nude and metallic ankle straps. Sorry for the late post. Hope you had a good and safe week despite all the bad weather that we had. God Bless!

Men’s Shirt: American Living (JCP)-old

Skirt: Apt.9 (Kohl’s)

Shoes: F21

Stripes and Floral

2 Jun

IMG_7512 IMG_7510 IMG_7518 IMG_7533

Sunday: Print/pattern mixing has been an ongoing trend for the past couple of seasons. The main thing about doing it is to make sure both patterns have similar color stories. Which means that they share the same colors. When the colors are the same, it just looks more intentional and not that you just threw on two different patterns that don’t relate to each other in any way. Now this can be a bold statement for one to make. Not everyone will understand or appreciate what you are doing. It is a fashion forward move that one has to own and do with much confidence. That’s just fashion in general to me. Not everyone will like or understand your fashion choices or personal style. But that’s why it’s called personal style because it belongs to the person and not anyone else.  So you have to be confident and just go for it! Who cares what other people think, right? It’s just clothes anyway! Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed this hot weather (heat wave) we have been experiencing on the East Coast (I have! My favorite season-Hot!). God Bless!

Tank: JCP

Skirt: Boscov’s

Heels: Worthington (JCP)

Go Around in Circles

2 Jun

IMG_7486 IMG_7491 IMG_7492 IMG_7503 IMG_7483 IMG_7502 IMG_7505

Friday: I dug this old dress out to wear to my second event in 2 days. This time it was a graduation party for a friend who decided to go to college after being out of school for many years. It is never too late to pursue higher education if it’s something that you want to do. I am always so proud of people who take that leap of faith and pursue higher education after being out of school for many, many years. They may now have a family and/or a full-time job along with other life obligations but still go on and reach that goal that they set for themselves. I personally have done so myself and realize how difficult it may be. But if you believe in yourself and trust in the Lord, you can do anything! Ok, I digress. Now back to this outfit. I bought this dress several years ago (don’t even remember when but the tag is faded so that’s telling me something, lol). I dug the whole retro/vintage vibe of it and bought it without having anywhere to wear it to. I tend to do that often. I believe that if you see something that may be formal or semi-formal or just something that you may not wear on a daily basis, buy it. You never know when that special occasion may arise and you need something to wear. Especially if it is at a great price. When that time comes you can just dig into your archives and find that special piece and can avoid having to rush out and buy something. Unless you’re like me and don’t mind shopping for a new outfit. But I too sometimes prefer to just shop my own closet and utilize what I already have. I thought about Carrie Bradshaw when I did the styling today. An unexpected belt (I removed the fabric belt that came attached) and some quirky accessories like this blinged out stiletto necklace. The dress is semi-formal or “pretty/girlie” but I liked how the urban/street-style accessories (earring/necklace), give the look its quirkiness because they are an unexpected touch with such a dress. Anyways, the graduation banquet was beautiful! She put together such a nice program that consisted of singing, praise dancing, a mime, etc. A big spread of food and desserts and everything. Tami went all out (as she usually does with everything!). The whole setup was more like a wedding reception but instead it a was celebration of her accomplishments despite the trials and tribulations that she went through during her journey. God is good and He wants His children to succeed and prosper. “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me”(Philippians 4:13). God Bless!

Dress: Mandee’s

Belt: Vintage Boy Scout

Shoes: Rainbow

Stiletto Necklace: Philly Natural Hair Expo